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Perceiving human faces as alien creatures

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Ok so one of my most terrifying symptoms usually happens when I am engaging in conversation and eye contact with a person. All of a sudden my perception will change and I wIll perceive the person I'm talking to as some sort of weird talking animal / alien. The colour of their face changes to normally an orange / yellow and all of their features become massively exaggerated. People with "unusual" faces or distinct features cause me the biggest problems. It's so hard to put into words but it really does freak me out and send me into a panic attack. It feels like there is a part in the brain that tells us we know that we are part of the same species as this person I am looking at and that it has been messed with. Anyone ever experience anything similar?

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i also had a similar problem.when i had hppd since it was pretty severe..peoples faces were looking about a 100 times sharper than normal and when i had a conversation with them i didnt want to look into their eyes or even faces cause it made me freak out after a few seconds.

it was such a high definition graphic that it made me feel anxious and dizzy + the faces seemed to change their shape after a while...it became worse and worse the longer i was watching it.


i remember sometimes it was soooo scary that i just wanted to die...but it never happened..i overcame hppd

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Yeah I know exactly what you mean when you say about the sharpness of the image. It's as if the contrast has been turned up to maximum and all colours, lines, tones are ridiculously exaggerated. I get this a lot and not just with faces but with everything. I find houses and buildings very intimidating now because it's as if they have some sort of life to them because they are so defined. It happens with trees and cars as well.

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well i saw this kind of hallucinations everywhere but especially on the things i focused on...its so debiilitating...sometimes i even saw the wierdest monster faces out of random surfaces due to the high resolution.


i had my hppd for about 5 month and had dpd (an anxiety disorder) as a comorbid disorder...my hppd is definately over but the dpd is still there on rare occasions and when i smoke weed or use other drugs i have to microdose to avoid panic attacks but im still at training to face my anxiety to wipe out the rest of my dpd to be able to take drugs like on my old days one day again  


i dont know if i can guarantee that the things i did will help you since i have no proof for what exactly did the trick for me.

i only tried chemicals once for a while and regretted it but there were several naturals and behavior patterns i used to treat and deal with my condition:


° healthy eating patterns

° drinking 2 different smoothies every day

° meditation on rare occasions

° long walks in nature for hours with music on one ear

° socializing regulary

° lavender = anti anxiety, sedative = i used it for better sleeping patterns

° valerian = anti anxiety, sedative = i used it against anxiety since it was always better for this purpose

° passion flower = anti anxiety, sedative, anti depressant = i used it for sleeping sometimes but mostly as anti depressant

° cbd = anti psychotic, anti anxiety, anti epileptic, sedative, contains many improtant vitamins = i used it due to the healthy vitamins it contains and particulary its anti psychotic effect

° lions mane = cognitive enhancement, increases nerve grow factor = i used it for both of the previously mentioned effects

° kratom = anti psychotic, sedative, stimulating, anti depressant, anti epileptic = i used it as an anti psychotic and for the calming and anti depressant effect...sometimes i used it as a drug since it feels like a trip on opiates (a great feeling)

° green tea = stimulating, increasing nerve grow factor, improves body circulation, prevents many different health issues = i used it for increasing the nerve grow factor and general health + it feels good


all the best..

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