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Is this the right route for medication?

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i dont know..i dont take chemicals since they can not treat the condition..they only cover the symptoms for a certain time.


 this might be the right place for prescription meds. i dont know exactly i only visit a psychologist regulary where i can get some meds but i would never take them..i sell them...i dont know if you can get meds from your neurologist  but i will find it out cause i have a meeting with mine for the first time next tuesday just to check out if there is something she can do. 

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A psychiatrist is good, a neurologist is better. They both have the same understanding of how the brain works, it's just psychiatrists focus more on the psychological aspects of the brain while a neurologist focuses on the physical aspect of the brain, the part which HPPD affects. I'm trying to setup an appointment with a neuro, but in my area they're hard to come by and require referrals from a primary care doctor (which I don't have, though I could ask my psychiatrist for a referral). A neurologist will also order specific imaging and cognitive tests for you (MRI, qEEG/EEG, scintography, etc.), which a psychiatrist might do but they usually only do it to rule out certain conditions (mine ordered a CT scan to rule out brain tumors), not verify that a particular condition is there. Mind you, any doctor regardless of specialty can order any medical test to be done, but you'll have better luck asking for/getting neurological tests from a neurologist. Same goes for neurological medicines.

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I'm with Jay on this one. When I went to see my psychiatrist the 2nd time ever, after learning about HPPD, I brought every piece of relevant literature in that I could get my hands on. After he reviewed them (which he did that day to my surprise since he's usually a very busy psychiatrist), he gave me a call and said I should try clonazepam and that he had called in the prescription. Since then, we've been experimenting with treatments, the current one being lamotrigine + clonazepam. He also has some ideas about other possible treatments based on what he knows about neurochemistry.

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