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I will be going to my neurologist soon and have decided on this combo of meds, hoping it will be prescribed, Keppra is for the visuals as it has the most success and Naltrexone is for Depersonalization. Does this sound like a good combo? Should I go for anything else?

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you have might a littel change it might do something real buth dont puth your all hope to medication there are serieuz ways to recover seriusly i did use keppra for 2 months with no effects i have even a prescribe of 200x 500mg lamictal in my home i dont even think to try again and i think people recovered more with there life style

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Sounds good to me.

Never heard of naltrexone until this post. Was up all night researching it. I'm going tomorrow to ask for a script

I'm not expecting a miracle but I'll try anything at this point.

Also I will say keppera COMPLETELY knocked all of my symptoms out on its first dose

No vs or visual disturbances ( I took it while in the bath and after about 20 mins I could see the steam rising off the water, everything cleared up, everything was geometrical again with defined lines and depth)

Anxiety was gone and I'm always an anxious wreck especially while trying a new med!

Dp/Dr gone. Never felt more in my own body

It was crazy I couldn't believe it.

Went for lunch with my friend the next day and she even noticed it.

Unfortunately after 2 days it stopped working and my symptoms got worse. But that could have been attributed to other factors. I stupidly drank again and it was like a war in my head I knew I shouldn't have.

But all that said I did have those 2 days of clarity and sanity the likes of which I hadn't felt for years prior or after

So I know with the right combo I may be able to return back there

We are all scared to try new things but it's the only way to find something that works. I say go for it and let us know how it's working for you.

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I didn't respond well to magnesium but i was so fucked up at the time I felt Everything made me worse. Maybe if I stuck with it. I know it gave me the runs tho haha.

I was on 150 mg of keppra, the blue oval ones. Or maybe it was 250.

Upon reflection that is an awful lot to start at once I should have worked my way up.

But I know it did work for those two days it was impossible for it to be a placebo.

I think my plan is going to be similar to yours it seems like a good combo.

I'm going to start with the LDN and introduce a small amount of keppra depending on how confident I am.

This LDN stuff sounds very interesting

I have sever brain fog, tension headaches, extreme fatigue, confusion, joint and muscle pain, Dp/Dr and all,the visual symptoms. This stuff looks like it can treat all of those and has very very positive feedback. Especially for,those with fibromyalgia and Ms which we share some symptoms with. Supposed,to limit anxiety too Which for me is the root of most of my problems I feel. Also it helps with ibs and considering I nearly shit my pants everyday that is also a welcome bonus.

I remember a user here said he had great success with it.

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Low dose naltrexone is the only type that helps with depersonalization, heavy doses probably do little. Remember its supposed to knock you out for the first few days. Fuck man I'm gonna tell my mom on Wednesday that I have hppd and everything to get meds, fucking scary to think about

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I understand dude it's hard to tell your parents but they HAVE to know. It will be relieving once they do. There is no need to suffer in silence and my family , well mostly my father, has played a major role in helping me cope with this.

Show her the forums. Get her to read up on it a little.

There is more information and validity on hppd than ever before

It's scary to admit because it makes it more realized and solidifys that hey I have this horrible shit going on and it's so bad I have to tell my family. But you wouldn't be afraid of telling them you have cancer and hppd should be no different

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Thanks for that, I just don't know If my mom will understand and fully grasp what it is, might even assume I'm making it up or something. I have given this shit 2 years to heal on its own without medication and that was more than enough time, meds are all i got

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No one will truly understand if they don't have it. But if you show them this is what you have and you are really struggling they should help you in anyway they can.

My mom still doesn't fully understand but finally after years of battles she has accepted that this is who I am. we battled about it because she has major emotional and couldn't see past her own judgement. But now she understands that I can not work which was the major issue for her. pfft as if work is everything in life. Nope. Taking care of myself is.

But they have to know in order to help you. It's hard with mental illness and stuff like this because it's not on the outside but when YOU know there is something wrong the people who care about you should be there to listen and help you.

Let me know how it goes

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I remember saying to my mom " if you could only jump in my body for a minute and see and feel the shit I do you would understand why I need help so desperately"

They don't want to admit to themselves that their child is not well. no parent does. Especially with something outlandish as hppd which I'm assuming she's never heard of.

It might take some convincing but she will come around. Stay persistent and tell her this is what you need to stabilize yoir life.

Again show her the forums. Maybe even show her what you have written.mand show her the many YouTube videos and articles on hppd.

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