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St. John's Wort, L THEANINE, Valerian Root, 5htp, and Klonopin

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Hello everyone!


Recently, I got prescribed Klonopin for my intense HPPD anxiety.  A lot of people don't agree I should be taking them but sofar they are the ONLY medicine that calms down my HPPD.  So sense so many people on this forum think benzo's are a bad idea I want to know what do they take instead.  And I already do Yoga, workout, eat right when I can.  So I started to take these herbal remedies to help 


L-THEANINE- Stress Formula-  Supposed to calm and relax mood.


Valerian Root- Supposed to support relaxation 


St. John Wort- Supposed to support a positive mood






Buspirone 15mg 3x's a day


Klono- .5 twice a day as needed


Seroquel 100mg once at night



I asked a few other people on this forum how to enhance my Klonopin with simple remedies and as they should they got very concerned and told me to stop Klonopin all together because it is addictive.  I apologize for not explaining my symptoms better.  If there were any other drug in the world that would settle down my HPPD symptoms better than Benzo's I would be more than happy to throw down the whole bottle down the toilet.   The fact is it's the only type of drugs that help the severe anxiety, minimize floaters, control my DR/DP,  and just help me act a little normal and not want to blow my head off everyday.





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i use antipsychotics for 3 years now its alright to use it buth klonopin witdrawl had kill my memory and concentration very critical

buth to geth use to the side effect for antipsygotics is hell

if you want to cut some of the sharp edeges of hppd its worth to try it

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If you are strong willed, you can still use Klonopin to help you out... I've done it for years now without any sign of tolerance or addiction (I test myself occasionally by having 7-14 days off).


I do the following now:


Thursday 6pm - 1mg Klono

Friday 9am - 1mg Klono

Saturday 9am - 1mg Klono

Sunday 9am - 2.5mg Lorazepam


This gives me the following... 4 good nights sleep per week, invaluable.... Thursday, I go out with the boys and have 2-3 beers without the usual social anxiety... I get to have some laughs and relax... Friday, Satuday and Sunday I have less anxiety for family time.. Usually go for a few drinks with my wife and friends on a Saturday. The benzos relieve any slight hangover from the 2-3 beers.... Having the shorter half life Lorazepam on the Sunday means my body has over 3 days without any benzo in my body, which seems to be ok for tolerance/addiction. As I said before, I check this every 1-2 months by having a weekend with no benzos, giving my body about 10 days with no benzos. I do have trouble sleeping during these breaks, but no other sign of withdrawal. I also don;t take the Thursday dose if the boys night is cancelled.


Everyone is different, so be careful with such a routine... But it helps me live a slightly more normal life.. I just have to tough out monday, tuesday and wednesday... Nothing else works for me, meds, supplements etc

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yea buth for me klonopin dont realy work

i was stupid to use it every day for 6 months and some day i took a dose extra and i dont have aniexty problem like the most here buth only have a social aniexty when i need to expose my social status klonopin is not good for me i gues to take with anti psygotics

and i dont need it anymore its been a long time passed that i didnt take it and i am stabiel for 6 months now

i am lucky i am doing well

my new goal is to stop the last med i am taking buth its seems to hard for now or just imposibel because i try it a lot before

there is somthing stuck in my brain so thats why i started with anti psygotics when i stop also a geth a rebound of dopamine thats anhoter problem that i cant quit

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