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My Scintigraphy and qEEG scans and some cures.


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Hello fellows.


In the name of science and our shared interest. I want to publicize my medical scans with you and share some thoughts on them.


This is scintigraphy of my brain showing the areas of hypoperfusion. From what the doctors said, those areas are responsible for cognition, planning, thinking, language processing, internal dialog.. It would perfectly correspond with HPPD symptoms, hence I advice you to get do a brain scan (SPECT or PET could be better cause scintigraphy only shows hypoperfusion, not hyperperfusion). Because the hypoperfusion matches the symptoms I have a slight feeling that other people with HPPD and cognition problems caused by it, could  also have points of hypoperfusion in their brain.




This is my qEEG that I did 3.5 years ago, when my HPPD was mild, but already affecting my life. An anecdote: the doctor doing  different qEEG asked me to close my eyes and look up during the session. Every time I did so, my eye muscles were twitching and he was getting what he called "artifacts" on the reading. Said not to worry about it. I personally think this twitchin could be this "pre seisure state" that some talk about that exists in lyme disease, migraines and I beleive HPPD. Its just my guess. But don't ask me about the qEEG results, I dont understand them. I just don't like the red spot , i think it shows high activity of high beta waves.. and ofcourse I don't like the fact that I had some eye twitching that is visible on the EEG, which Im 100% sure is caused by HPPD.



Here I present you all the things I reserached to target the hypoperfusion (anything that improves blood circulation, protects from ischemia damage or reperfusion damage: antoxidants and others). Its little chaotic right now, I gonna organise it one day :)



And here is a list of my current stack, list of things that give me side efects, list of things that look interesting from the research I posted above. http://www.evernote.com/l/AbTZkha568lKGIvvXOujRX-WfJG_6iKK5Q0/


Im taking most of those supplements not more than 1-2 months. Some longer eg, NAC and grape seed extract.

Before 2 months ago I was not able to take 2-3 sips of a coffee without my brain stinging and cognition worsening.

A miracle happened. Right now I have been drinking coffee for last 10 days. Id say actually abusing it for the last few days and it could be the reason for my headache.. but it could be something else. I can wake up after 8 hours instead of 9-9.5 and communicate with people. Before when I slept less then 9-9.5 hours I was not able to talk to people so well, so something is working here I think. I don't know exactly what :D I am very sensitive - things like klonopin cause my tinnitus to worsen permanenlty etc. So the things I tried and mentioned there are pretty safe.


I have spent hours, weeks and months on researching those things and I am planning to do some more.. It would be great if you join me to do research or just for a chat, to exchange ideas. I believe together we could achieve more. What Im showing you right now I find most important and relates to my current stack, but I have more notes and ideas where we should look for cures/clues etc.

And I upload the google translation of the scintigraphy interpretation:

The analysis of CT images (cross sections, sagittal and coronal) and three-dimensional reconstruction obtained after the administration of EV radiotracer (99mTc - ECD) evidence of hypoperfusion areas in the projection of the upper front-paretial wolf (bilateral) and fronto temporal (left , discrete) and observed in cross-sectional tomographic cuts 11-13, coronal and sagittal 16-18 7-10 as well as in three-dimensional reconstructions.



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Nice work.

So how did you convince your doc to order a Scintography scan? Hard to get one here in the states.

Also, when he received the results, did he give any recommendations or did he just say deal with it?

That is a lot of supplementing! It worries me to try them all. I would need to stop all of my current ones individually to see if they are helping/hurting.

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I went to him cause he specilizies in tDCS treatment. He prescribed me scintigraphy to see which areas have to be targeted. I did 11 sessions, them I run out of money. I have my tDCS device at home now and will be trying it again. The doctor said it could stimulate the brain in those areas and improve the hypoperfusion.

I have to be very careful cause im sensitive to many substances myself. You have to keep in mind they are not drugs that can do some changes or worsen your HPPD permamently, I BELIEVE.

Most of them are natural.. You can introduce them one by one, every few days or something like that. Whenever I feel something wrong I stop all of them and reintroduce different supplements on different days - this way I can feel which one makes me feel bad, then I either try smaller dose or stop it completely, its up to my intuition. I don't feel any bad long-term effects from any of them so far.....

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I will be uploading any new significant findings that I add to the note about hypoperfusion here:


Few natural supplements to deal with hypoperfusion and calcium overload in HPPD.
One list presents natural calcium channel blockers (interesting to see if they could help in HPPD as some drugs that are calcium antagonists do?). Also there are examples of duretics, central α-agonists, direct vasodilators, angiotensin converting-enzyme inhibitor, angiotensin receptor blockers which I guess all or most could help to treat hypoperfusion.
Calcium channel blockers (it's interesting cause I didn't know some of them function as such):
ALA - linoleic acid
Vitamin C,
Vitamin B6,
Vitamin E,
Hawthorn berry - its ineresting to note that on webmed http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-527-hawthorn.aspx?activeingredientid=527&activeingredientname=hawthorn it says that hawthorn berry is also used to reduce anxiety,
Celery (green part or celery seed extract) - "Celery seed extract, on the other hand, has been shown in animal studies to not only help prevent stroke, but also to improve blood flow and protect the brain and enhance brain energy production in a manner similar to Ginkgo biloba extract." - source: http://doctormurray.com/celery-and-celery-seed-extract-are-powerful-proven-healers/,
Omega 3 (EPA and DHA)
So start consuming ! ;)
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For those who are lazy to go through, some stuff that I find interesting from the note about olive leaf extract, celery and other treatments of hypoperfusion.


MUST READ: Article about hypoperfusion: As We See It Outwitting Our Aging Brain
By William Faloon


..These and other studies show that circulatory interruptions caused by even relatively mild cardiac disturbances deprive the brain of blood flow and result in cognitive impairments. So taking supplements like coenzyme Q10,46 lipoic acid,47 carnitine48,49 and PQQ50-53 not only help boost cardiac output to the brain, but also protect the brain and enhance mitochondrial energy production within brain cells (neurons)...




Olive leaves extract:
Article: Natural Extracts Lower Blood Pressure
..Olive leaf extract has been shown to function as an ACE inhibitor and celery seed extract has potent calcium channel blocking properties.6,7 Clinical studies have demonstrated that both extracts are able to safely lower blood pressure.8,9...


Celery = Celery contains phthalide which helps you to relax and be less anxious, which helps with pain. It is also rich in potassium which many headache sufferers are deficient in. Celery seeds can be used in smoothies/juices or soups. Taking 2 oz of celery juice and then laying down for 30 minutes has proven to be a very effective remedy for headaches.



Article: Celery and Celery Seed Extract Are Powerful, Proven Healers




Treatments for Brain hypoperfusion, Lesions, Excess NMDA activity and other Neurological abnormalities
Source: http://www.me-ireland.com/treat/11.htm
lots of info on the site regarding the title and specifically to do with Hypoperfusion below:
  • Hypoperfusion and Brain circulation
    • Ginkgo Biloba has been found to improve blood circulation in the brain and some cognitive functions.
    • Vinpocetine can improve blood circulation in the brain and some cognitive functions.
    • Micro circulation abnormalities
Some ME patients have benefitted from Vitamin B12 injections, with does ranging from 4,000 to 6000 mcg per day. This along with omega 3 fatty acids and magnesium resolves the abnormal blood cell structure commonly found in ME patients according to studies by Mukherjee and Simpson
Simpson LO. Myalgic encephalomyelitis. Letter. J R Soc Med 1991;84:633.
  • Protection of blood vessels from oxidative damage
    • Anthocyanins and foods containing anthocyanins such as blueberries, cherries, blackberries, elderberries, bilberries, chokeberries (highest anthocyanin content), black raspberries. The herb buckwheat also protects blood vessels from oxidative damage.
    • Olive leaf extract / Olive leaf soups have strong antioxidant effects. They are protective of the blood vessels and the blood.
    • Taking antioxidant herbs, vitamins, minerals and supplements in one's diet can protect the blood vessels from oxidative damage over time.
    • Arginine is required for nitric oxide production
Scientific Research
Arginine benefits
    • Ginkgo Biloba protects blood vessels and produces nitric oxide
Scientific Research
Ginko benefits


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why nobody will dont want the effect of sport like running i think its have very potantial to let the brain runing normal again i saw big improvment in my psych healt condition

there is nobody found a good supp thats work

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