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Woke up feeling weird, seeing two of everything

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I have been up for almost an hour now and fuck I feel weird. I had a hard time recognizing my room when I woke up. First thing I noticed when I woke up was that I was seeing two of everything I looked at. Every object I look at, a second one appears and then they both start moving farther and farther apart from each other. This is actually making it hard to use my phone cuz I would just see a clone of it start to come out of it and move farther and farther away.

When I got up, it is very hard to walk. I am actually close to collapsing and I have been stumbling and I fell to my knees at one point. I am walking around my house because sitting down actually makes me feel very uncomfortable because I feel like I'm sinking into the couch and then my head will start dropping down.

Has anyone else ever experienced these ?

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When I first started researching my symptoms on Wikipedia and such, I stumbled over exactly that and apparently this might stem from a paralysis of the optical nerve or something... Basically your brain can't merge the images of the left and right eye quickly enough... Go see a doctor!


no the doctor cant do anything i visited one and he had no clue what was wrong with me..people with dp/dr have to deal with this symptom all too often and it has nothing to do with that cause when you close one eye you still see two of everything (ghost images) so its something psychological...its a sign of a brain exhausted by anxiety...since dpd is an anxiety disorder the brain is always in anxiety mode..that means always adrenaline => enlarged pupils => static, ghost images and other wierd symptoms.

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My anxiety has seemed to come back but I control it by getting out of the house and riding my bike around very fast. I have been going to the wetlands every day and It feels like I'm high and in a very good dream that I don't want to end when I go on a long fast bike ride. Riding down those hills and then running my bike back up and doing all kinds of shit to make that feeling stronger. I tried jumping on my bike on some dirt bike ramps a few times but I didn't really like the feeling when I went flying through the air and the last landing kinda hurt my neck for some reason. The problem is that the other day, after going to the wetlands and riding my bike around for like 9 hours, my mom suspected I was high and I definitely felt high too lol

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