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These meds can mess you up !

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I have noticed that people keep talking about medications for HPPD. I read and heard that many of these drugs being mentioned for HPPD are very addictive and can mess you up ! My great uncle is addicted to anti anxiety medications and he started at a young age and has never had a job in his life and is mentally fucked up. He is a shining example of white trash because he will never be able to do anything with his life because he became addicted to these anti anxiety medications and is mentally fucked up. I will never take any kind of meds for HPPD. I have taken magnesium glycinate supplements and for the next 2 days, it made the visuals a little better but mentally and emotionally, it fucked me up and I will NEVER trust medications again. To me, a diphenhydramine hangover feels better than what those meds do to people. So why not try to recover med free ?!

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I thought about it again and I think the crazy depression and bad feeling I got after the magnesium pills, might have actually been a diphenhydramine hangover since I had been tripping on diphenhydramine a couple days before taking the magnesium pills but I did read that my friend who gave me the pills also experienced the same thing

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