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Not thinking about it makes it better ?

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well we have floaters and stuff in our eyes that the brain normally filters out. 


so, theoretically, if we learn to ignore the floaters by not focusing(mentally and physically) on them, the brain may learn to filter it again. 



I was talking to a nurse yesterday about my HPPD(did used to do psychadelics lol), and he says that he sees static on the walls. and he saw floaters when he used to trip, during the trip. 


my point: he sees static on the walls, which is a symptom of HPPD/Visual Snow Syndrome, but he doesnt care about it, so he never notices it. 




IDK, maybe theres different kinds of HPPD.



But I have a theory that HPPD is a kind of PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder). "if u are scared of something, its hard to let go" - me




idk, maybe when HPPD gets to a certain point, its harder to ignore. 


Maybe theres different kinds of HPPD. IDK 




2 of my friends have HPPD, but they dont care about it and continue to do drugs like wax and shrooms. it doesnt affect them negatively in any way at all.


my other friend has HPPD but he is totally messed up like many of the people on this forum. 



I used to be totally traumatized by it, its  been 8 months, and now i dont care about it much anymore. 




BUT, my HPPD is rather mild. and I quit doing ALL drugs. and meditated for hours every day. i think that i have accepted it for the most part. Im not gonna do drugs though.

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I guess my HPPD is rather mild also, and it has been much more ignorable since I worked through the inital anxiety. Although most of the symptoms are still there, I don't notice it all the time like I used to. (When I'm sleep deprived, or taking medication with stimulant properties it still gets harder to ignore)

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