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Nerve growth/repair

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i have tried everything I can get my hands on, benzos, sinemet, magnesium, l-dopa etc. none of them helped In fact most made it worse, I'm thinking about trying to repair my brain now instead of trying to cover it up with medications. Lions mane mushrooms and australagus root both sound promising, lions mane grows new nerves and astragalus is an adaptogen which can repair certain things in your brain. Anyone have experience with either?

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Lions mane gave me a nice feeling of learning things, being focused and more talkative (nootropic I guess) though I had some side effects, stinging in my head, after lions mane (but i seem to be the only one) and tried astralagus pills with no effect BUT... I think even if you got the right supplement it would still need more than a month for your brain to heal, hence.. keep trying - if it does no harm I suggest.. keep taking it.

Some ppl get helped by sinemet - for me it worsened everything slightly for few weeks, after 3 days taking it.. so everybody can get helped by a different thing.

I will highly recommend lions mane to be taken for few months. Astralagus - why not.

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phosphatidylcholine might help too


That would normally be good.  Since I had allergies to soy and phosphatidylcholine suppliments are mainly derived from soy (and soy crops are mostly GMO now), I couldn't take it.  The next step, phosphaticylserine was iffy but by the time in was GPC it worked well as described.




^ interesting post. Wonder how nerve growth/repair plays a role in people who have HPPD from marijuana. Is the belief that cannabis actually damaged the nerves??


The whole 'brain injury' topic gets some people upset.  For sure, with HPPD, our brains no longer operate as they did.  


That said, people insist that LSD does NOT cause brain damage ... yet here we are.  Weed is considered less potent than LSD yet many have HPPD and DPD from it.


So, stuff that helps the body and brain to heal makes sense.

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I have had HPPD for over a year now but I had not heard of HPPD until this passed May but I noticed the visuals and the difficulty thinking and processing for just over a year and I knew I damaged my brain somehow but now that I found out what HPPD was, I now no longer think "what's wrong with me ?" but I know that LSD caused my HPPD and I'm currently sober and hope not to take LSD or shrooms again but the problem is I lack self control and I don't know what would happen if I get access to LSD again

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Self control is something to be cultivated.  It isn't easy but it is possible for everyone.  Brain fog and focus problems can also make it harder.


Work on good diet, exercise, and sleep habits.  These are healthy and something to build on.  Few things kill self-control as much as depression and feeling helpless.  So make simple goals and plan on things to look forward to. 

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