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Lucid Dreaming/Meditation with HPPD

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ok, since I of us dont trip/smoke anymore, (BTW some of my friends with HPPD still continue to trip and smoke dabs every day and do ketamine and shit and coke ....... theyre crazy i hope they dont ruin their lives)


I was thinking of a new way to trip.



Learning to Lucid Dream. Dreams are trippy as fuck !!! 



Isnt dreaming essentially the brain releasing DMT? thats what ive heard




So would lucid dreaming increase HPPD? IDK but im gonna learn how to do it. 




Also, meditation. Is known to sometimes cause CEV's. I wonder if that would aggrevate the HPPD symptoms.


IDK, but I am gonna learn to Lucid Dream and get into Deep Meditations. Because I miss tripping so Im gonna trip naturally. lucid-dreaming1.jpg


I have had a bunch of accidental Lucid Dreams. Especially since acquiring HPPD. 


Plus, dont we all get weird ass dreams? Like sleep paralysis, false awakenings, dreams within dreams and shit.




I remember once I had a dream within a dream in which I was a video game character. ..weird lol or something like that




I was also a video game character which was like real life. people were fighting to the death lol ..... i was scared lol



I had an out-of-body experience once, i think HPPD let me get it. It felt like a full-blown trip. great. super spiritual. 


Theory: are the weird ass dreams that we get due to DP? because in DP, i tend to question if im real or not lol ... so in a dream, i could question if its real or not, thus causing a lucid dream, a dream within a dream, false awakening, all that trippy shit. 



Anyways, hopefully Lucid Dreaming/Deep Meditations dont increase my HPPD. that would suck. cuz i wanna trip on something! It seems kinda simple. Also, it seems that people who daydream are prone to lucid dreaming. Thats all I did in class, so i guess im lucky



(I even quit drinking green tea(caffiene free)  cuz i dont want it to aggrevate HPPD although Buddhist Monks meditated on green tea, so thats kinda shitty)




so yeah ill reply to this post when I get around to these things, posting the result on HPPD etc.. and how it is

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I haven't tried lucid dreaming since I got hppd, but I sometimes have disturbing half lucid dreams accidentally... I know that it's a dream and I feel like I'm controlling it, but when I really wake up, I realize that my actions were too stupid to be done conciously. I had them occasionally since I was a child, but I had them almost every night when I first got hppd. Sometimes they are like sleep paralysis / false awakening, sometimes just nightmares, very rarely nice dreams...

Usually there's this intense feeling of terror, and a very disturbing buzzing sound in my ears which makes me realize that it's a dream. I listened to various bineural brainwave sound stuff to see if I can identify the sound and it seems to be a theta wave, which as I understand is related to adrenalin and activities like running. (another friend who has similar dreams said that she hears the exact same sound) Perhaps it could be possible to induce that lucid dreaming state by listening to that sound, but I'm a bit scared to try.

I think just thinking about dreams frequently magnifies your chances of having lucid dreams a lot. If you haven't watched "Waking Life" yet, watch it. Just seeing that movie gave me many lucid like dreams (some good some bad) at the time... Also here's a nice book: http://www.amazon.com/The-Tibetan-Yogas-Dream-Sleep/dp/1559391014 I lost the book before finishing it, and couldn't do the exercises much but just reading it was quite powerful for me...

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We dont know for sure if DMT has a hand in dreaming at all. I speculate that it probably does partially. I think that dreams are a result of several chemical reactions in the brain and possibly DMT is one of them. I also believe Melatonin to be involved. All we know FOR SURE about DMT is that we have located and secured it from a rats brain. We can only guess that it is indeed in our brains too....Its pretty much a closed case but science doesnt work that way.....and stranger things have occured....but we can pretty much guess yes DMT is part of human conciousness in some way. But I digress....


I have been lucid dreaming and astral projecting for almost 20 years...around the same time I had my bad trip on LSD is when all this dream phenomena began occuring. I had a few experiences that simply cannot be explianed away by mundane means and thus became obssessed with lucid dreaming and OBEs.


Interestingly I had a recent acid trip which was so powerful i cannot put it in words...at one point whle walking around in my town I literally stepped into the dream world. I dont know if you recall from your lucid dreams but the way peoples faces are kind of like a liquid sludge..almost like gelatin...anyway all matter turned into what the dreamscape looks like.....just energy at a slow vibration....it was one of my most profound trips. It was EXACTLY like I was in a dream....I think there may be some parallels to psychedelic states and dreaming.

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Sorry ....do I think that these activities can activiate/increase HPPD? Absolutley ....I dont think that HPPD is a psychedelics phenomena....its a bump in the road of any humans journey through life....Ive read about and heard of people who have aquired "HPPD" from a nervous breakdown, spiritual experience while sober, meditation, yoga, kundalini, SSRIs, other perscription drugs etc.....I dont think HPPD is exactly what it appears to be. I dont think it is any drugs "fault" in particular....I think that it is a condition that is triggered is triggered by certain states of mind. 

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I've had sleep paralysis, hypagogia, hypnopompia since I was a teenager, before even using any drug at all. I had a real lucid dream once. And it's a big lie that you are lucid dreaming just because that you are self-aware in a dream. I'm almost always self-aware that I'm dreaming where every scary or intense dream is just like a movie to me. I don't have any bad dreams at all. No nightmares. I enjoy it all.


A real lucid dream is something else, this is where you can control everything and when you actually leave your body. You go from a sleep paralysis in your bed, and then leave your intact body and rise from your bed. So it's nothing like a dream at all.


However, I do NOT encourage anyone to even try to get into a sleep paralysis, especially not if you already have HPPD or other psychological illness. It can only make things worse and it's not healthy for you.

Sleep paralysis is commonly related to bad sleep, stress and alcohol usage and I don't recommend it to anyone.

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Hey Guys,


I'm have always been a big dreamer since I'm young (like remembering 2-3 dreams daily). I also experience few out of body experience, in the time period between sleep and awakeness, when your see your body and your soul kinda floating in the void and reconnecting. Also have a lot of "inceptions": You dream that you dream ect. Since I started meditation (3 years ago), these phenomenons increased. I also had a few lucid dream. One was like in minecraft I could move objects, creat new ones, interact with my surrounding :P. That was pretty pleasant.


Since I have my HPPD, my dreams are much more related with reality. (discussion with distant friends that seems real, you dream about something that happens ect). But I also have more creepy dreams. This is one of them: I was above a kind of lac but artificial, with geometric forms. All my best friends were sitting each one on a squared island. I went to talk to them consecutively but they weren't friendly at all. I ended to talk with my closest friend. We were on a mountain and I said "look how the curves of the magmatic layers are nice" the I look at my friend and I saw a Mountain, but this mountains never ends and join the other side of the horizon like in a multi dimensional trip. Then I start to see pattern in the structure of the mountains with geometric forms such has the "structure of Universe" I saw while tripping (strangely my brain get more dizzy as I am writing about this experience). I woke up really scared as if my brain was definitely fucked up. But finaly I chilled and realize that it was normal after taking psychedelics to experience this kind of things.


Here is my last experience:


I'm pretty new with HPPD. I just had a trip 3 weeks ago. I'm quite sensitive and took mushrooms for the first time (half truffles box) but I had the "great" idea to smoke a joint like one hour after taking it. :o  It result that both combinate into a really really intense trip. Ego dissolution, omniscience, Feeling to understand the meaning of the Universe, to be connected to the Universal matrice ect... :rolleyes:  The bigger part stayed 2 hours then slowy went down. I was super happy because since I'm born, I'm wondering about the meaning of all that surrounds us. Now I have some answers.


I don't have too hard symptoms, only visual snows, a bit of trailing and after images when I close my eyes. I had also a bit of DR/DP feeling like when you don't feel your hand.


Yesterday night I went raving for the first time since one year. I have never been a big consumer of drugs, mainly weed/alcool + a bit of MDMA. I didnt took anything except some biers. But they were heavy visuals (lazers) and 20Kw soundsystem. I was not confortable at all, the light stuff really fucked me up. When I went back home yesterday, I felt that my HPPD went worst. More visuals snow, afterimage even with the eyes open. The worst part was when I went to sleep. When I closed my eyes my brain randomly generates light pattern, flash images that mixed into an unpleasant kaleiscopic soup.


I started to freak out, like "fuck I will get worst and worst". :unsure:  I sleept a bit, and when I woke up, I saw light pattern, a bit of fractal's light on the roof of my rooms, close to what I saw in the late part of my trip, which had never happened to me before.


I decided to start meditation (I've been meditating daily since 3 months now). I was laying on my bed the body relaxed, fist closed breathing deeply to focus on the physical sensation of my body. Thankfully I have a tibetan bowl, whose sounds is well known for healing and to help in case of depression. I've been meditating nearly 1h30 while playing tibetan bowl. I applied it directly on my naked skin, on specific points called "Chakra". I had good feeling for one hour, but nothing really change. But suddenly, I saw a bit of light, I couldnt distinguish if it was "energy" or daily light. I decided to ignore it and continu my meditation for a while.


This morning I'm in the same state as I was before the rave (bit of snow, less Dp/DR, less afterimages). So now I'm super happy, because I discovered a new way to help to cure this HPPD shit! :D


Here is a link about tibetan bowls if you are interested in http://jevondangeli.com/tibetan-singing-bowls-the-ancient-brain-entrainment-methodology-for-healing-and-meditation/.


I hope this will help you a bit and I wish you to be strong and trustful.

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