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AFTER IMAGES!!! Please help...

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What in the hell can I do to treat negative afterimages?

If you recall, my HPPD recurred at a much more intense level ~4 months ago after smoking a small amount of pot 3 times.

Since then, my HPPD seems to be worsening EVERY single day. I fear what new symptom I will develop tomorrow.

I work in a field where I require a strong attention span. The afterimages are so intense that I peer at any object, look away, and see its reverse for up to 10 seconds(depending how long I had fixed my gaze).

If there is a high contrast with light involved, add extra time.

This was never a symptom in my former HPPD case.

It is terrifying. I have heard some people say they were treatable.

Please, has ANYONE found success treating this symptom? Aside from a pair of glasses or a Klonopin now and again, that is. They feel Soooo fucking permanent.

I'm going to see a headache specialist and psychiatrist tomorrow to tell them how absolutely Fucked I've felt lately. Literally considering quitting my job and moving back to parents' (I'm 34). Either that or checking myself into a mental institution.

I'm thinking about increasing Paxil because I'm so depressed over this. My thoughts are going bad places.

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There just no pill for this disorder buth like me you can try 3 or 4 beers to suppres your symptoms for a hole day its only thing that works for me buth be carefull keep and stick on your limits if you gonna drink

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after images are the worse for me too... you just got to tell yourself they don't actually hurt you. They'll only will make you suffer if you worry about them :/ this is typical of migraine aura so it may not necessarily even be HPPD (even after smoking)

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