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Jay, would you be willing to try the ketogenic diet? It is a diet where you replace your bodies main energy source (carbs) with fat. I tried it and it definitly was doing something but I am a very skinny kid and don't want to lose anymore weight. Btw it was reducing my visuals slowly throughout the day on the last day

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Ya Jay you can't do it, the only thing vegan I was eating was nuts and coconut oil but you can't survive off of that, VISUAL you should try it my symptoms changed because of it, not worse a little better but they changed in color and shape

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Not sure how one would do ketogenic type diet and be vegetarian.


That said, I've tried different foods and diets and none of them affect visuals even the slightest.


However, mood, energy, and food-sensitivities are greatly affected by digestive transit times.  If food moves too quick (< 6 hours), it isn't properly digested and causes problem.  If digestion is too slow (>12 hours), there is some sort of 'toxicity' involved.


So I eat and take herbs to maintain a transit time of 8-12 hours.  Since the current med schedule makes it all sluggish, it is a matter of taking stuff like cascara segrata to speed things up.


At least in my case, this has been very important and beneficial to lifestyle - even though it doesn't address visuals.  Just food for though, lol

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ketogenic diet increases serotonin and dopamine activity if I remember right

Im trying to mantaing it but I its hard for me for few reasons I keep breaking the diet by stuffing myself with sweet things between day 5-11.. But lets keep trying.

It would be easier to mantain if I was living on my own, not seeing other people eating tasty carbs :P


I have some feeling that long-term keto diet could be good for HPPD (calming the overexcited brain etc).


In our project's notes, if you scroll down, you will find some good studies about keto and intermittent fasting.


I gonna paste it here:

Study: The ketogenic diet and brain metabolism of amino acids: relationship to the anticonvulsant effect. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17444813
Study: Ketogenic diet alters dopaminergic activity in the mouse cortex
Study: The effect of fasting on 5-hydroxytryptamine metabolism in brain regions of the albino rat.
Study: The effects of the ketogenic diet on behavior and cognition.
Study: Caloric restriction and intermittent fasting: Two potential diets for successful brain aging.
Article: Ketosis: anti-brain fog. Neurotransmitters, dietary protein, and the gut microbiome.
Article: Your Brain on Ketones 
Article: Fasting can help protect against brain diseases, scientists say


My conclusion - keto is worth of try at least for few weeks. If you are a vegan and can't do keto diet, DO INTERMITTENT FASTING!

I like 2 protocols - either one 24h fast a week (two are ideal, but extremely hard in longer terms, makes you think about food all the time).

OR eating in 8h time frame everyday and then having 16h fast. Warriors diet is more advanced 4h and 20h of eating and fasting.


here is more about one guys experiences with intermittent fasting. its highly recommended if you attempt to try it.

Article/home-made experiment: Experiments with fasting https://www.dropbox.com/s/nmc83ca61i31tkm/202534335-IntermittentFasting.pdf?dl=0

i will be making a separate post about this in future

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i have tried and still do: melatonin - sometimes it helps a little with visuals and sometimes it makes them a little worse...you never know...but nothing permanent

                                      valerian - it only helps a little when it comes to panic

                                      lavender - makes me a little more tired and helps to fall asleep

                                      vitamins - only a slight change in head pressure but nothing significant

                                      proper diet - no change and i guess thats why i always had a proper diet

                                      proper sleeping patterns - it doesnt help but if i go to bed later then usual my syptoms become worse the next day

                                      sports - will make it worse while taining, afterwards i feel mostly exhausted but good + i cant sleep properly the night after


and i will try meditation, cbd and lions mane...and if that doesnt help...i dont know what to do anymore        

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Lethargic acid have you done much yoga for any longer periods of time?? I think hanging upside down/ headstands etc could help in HPPD, or at least address the problem of hypoperfusion in some areas of the brain that can cause a cognition fuck up  I guess.

I think increasing the blood by chilling upside down maybe could help with that? I don't know, but I have heard that it helps with creation of new synapsis in the brain. Also I have heard people that do yoga saying they don't feel right if they don't do the hanging or headstands every few days ;p

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