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who his visuals geth worsers when practising sports


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Who of you when acting sport light or heavy like running swimming power training did your visuals gething worser or not if yes do you think it wil be permanently or temporaly. when i first start sports my visuals did geth worser buth it was always temporaly after a few months it worsening littel and litter even my visuals did geth much better buth some symtomps didnt geth an improvment tell me how sports and exercising effect you visuals are you afraid that it wil geth worser permanently i thik it geth temporaly worser because the bloodflow geth more to the muscles the brain bloodflow drops a littel bith

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Buth did you push your limits to much and did you not experience any postieve effect? Did you stick on a good routine ?

Yes, I went to a gym and did a lot of cardio for a few months, personally it made my depersonalization worse but my visuals were also noticeably worse and my tinnitus got fucking crazy

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