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Great Call With London and Dr Abraham

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We Just had a great 4 way Skype call between Dr Abraham, "Team Working in London", Jay and Myself...


Dr Abraham enlightend us on many facinating topics relating to dynamics of HPPD and we disussed possible reaserch / treatment ideas and options.


Dr Abraham will also supply the team in London with important files conatining many facets of HPPD to assist.


The main essence of the Dialouge will be typed up by the London Team and sent to Dr Abraham to proof read. From there a joint decision will be made on the best course of action to proceed with, in regards to reaserch etc etc..


Dr Abraham has kindly said he would not be phyisically involved in the reaserch, tho he can operate as "the brains behind it" together with the Team in London.


It was a very possative call and a great outcome thus far..

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Very positive indeed.


We now have several ideas for testing/research... Ranging from very cheap to achieve to more expensive, depending on how the crowd funding may go. DNA testing was mentioned, something Visual will be happy about :)


I'm sure Ben will update when the info is all in place... But it is time for celebration, things are moving fast and in the right direction!

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