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I bought CBD with the lowest amount of THC I could find (can't remember now). I tried it and it decreases my visual/cognitive reaction time and increased the static. I don't know if its the effect of cbd or thc or both... my hppd is so bad that I can't smell cigarettes for few seconds around me, because it gets triggered and for example l-theanine makes my head blank and anxious instead of giving calming effect like 2 years ago (while I have hppd for last 7 years)..

at this stage it feels like even a cure will trigger my hppd ;p

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I believe I feel better the day after smoking more "body" or CBD heavy strains of pot... but there are so many factors going into it it's hard to tell.  I'd like to try some harlequin or something very low THC and high CBD for a week or two but I'd have to get my medical card probably.  Low THC pot isn't a big seller I'm sure.  Lol.

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