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kanna drug

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Did some of any body tryed drugs called kanna you can buy it in the nederlands its like ssri lifts your mood and its legal and have a sedative effect like a benzo and in high doses effeuric and its not adicted and mayby its safe for hppd suffers i dont know if its can order it world wide and its not a halugenic i will try it soon

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I just got mine, tried chewing about 100mg and feel something. It is uplifting and also stimulating, but without anxiety... Quite interesting, but very mild. Visuals might be a little stronger, so tread carefully.

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Hard to say if it is worth it. Will need to try a higher dose.


After an hour or so, i did feel some anxiety and felt a bit speedy. I also feel slightly like I am coming down from ecstasy.


I think people need to be careful with this.

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Yea its a light drugs kanna wonder how i wil react on it buth i am lucky i dont have anyiexty live is already hard witout a disease you think you can use it in long term you know we searching long term soulutions

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