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HPPD the Movie

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Here has been a lot of talk about doing a documentary on HPPD which is great.


I think we definitely should take the steps to do that as soon as we can.


Just imagine if we could then take it to the next level by then making it into something bigger. Possibly a Movie.


Here is a link on how people are receiving funding to make a movie about MDMA.




Possibly we too can receive funding for a Movie or Hi-Quality documentary on HPPD that would assist in achieving global awareness about the condition and assist in the development of research and or finding treatment / cure.


There have been many High quality documentaries’ on similar topics that have done extremely well reaching hundreds of thousands of people.


Thought this would be a worthy share.

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Maybe we could do a promotional trailer to attract movie funding at the same time we do the doccumentary. Can the lady who is writing the book on HPPD assist with this? Maybe she could promote sales of her book at the same...


There are some intresting videos below the video posted above that we may be able to pull ideas from also.

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I'm all for it. I have 2 broadcast quality cameras, just need sound and lighting.... and people to interview.


I might finally have a go at shooting a little video about my story, this weekend.

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Exellent Jay that sounds very good!



Just need sound and lighting.... and people to interview.

How could we find "trippers wanted" for the users portion ? lol


Possibly there might be a some kind of Rave or Festival that may be a helpful to interview folks who are "using" etc.. That would be quite spun out entering back into that world now. Maybe it would be good to team up with a friend.


I would not know much about sound and lightening tho.


Cool if you will do it this weekend, so will I .. i have Windows Media Player set up on my PC .. I am sure that will be sufficent :rolleyes:

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I'm working on another documentary right now, but I will do a more serious project about HPPD in a few years. I'm thinking of following maybe 4-5 people with major HPPD through their daily lives and to talk about their story on the way.


that sounds awesome Shaddow Play !

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Here in Australia we have "Rainbow Serpent" and "Confest" there are also cool Eclipse festivals that take place in the central desert :-)


Was curious.. "Shadow Play" If u were going to film  hppderers going thru their daily activity’s.. Does this mean we could go train at the gym together?  LOL Love being an exhibitionist on camera LOL :D

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