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Urgent insight please!!! How can I help?


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Please forgive me if this is inappropriate use of this forum. However I am not equipped nor educated enough to help and support my neighbor. Apparently, she has become my friend as I seemingly cannot see her so tormented and not try to help.

That being said, she has yet to offer any diagnosis aside from PTSD & ANXIETY. Both of which I have extensive personal experience with daily. Although, what she is describing is VERY CLEARLY so much more than a PTSD episode or run of the mill anxiety attack. It is also obvious that she is NOT CRAZY! She seems to grasp that she is experiencing a distortion of reality. Introspection being a process which by nature the truly insane lack. She can stammeringly express what she is experiencing and what frightens her. The conclusion I have come to is that this is likely HPPD that is a daily occurrence on some level for her. In addition, it seems as though she is currently experiencing what I can only describe as panic induced depersonalization and derealization.

There is a lot to this and I can go more in depth if need be but for now I wouldn't know where to start. As it stands, I am wondering if someone who has existed in a similar space can help me to better understand. I am searching for suggestions on what I can, should, and absolutely should not do. What is helpful, constructive, supportive, and/or grounding for you when reality distorts and anxiety spirals out of control?

The other pice to this is her 9 year old daughter I am sure she doesn't grasp what ongoing on nor do I think that she should. So, with out indicating any issue (as its not my place to do so,) Is there anything I can or should do for this girl? Does any one have an insight as to what the child of suffers experience? I know Kids can be a particularly hard topic to discuss but I too have scars. Being an adult child of a Malignant Narcissist & and a Hyper Religious Schizophrenic I am neurologically predisposed, thru chemical reactions in my brain to always assume worst case possible.

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I think the best first step for us to grasp the situation is to let us know what she described that led you to the conclusion of hppd. Did she mention drugs? Any specific drugs? How long has she been suffering? What are the symptoms she describes?


I would not like to give advice without more info, as that could make things worse. (even hppd sufferers here have different reactions to things).


Of course, if she is currently doing drugs or drinking alot.. Minimising that would help. Also, find out what, if any, meds she is on.

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