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I feel like I'll never recover.


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Granted I've only had HPPD for 2 months. On my Last post, someone who's had it for 32 years was there, and one who's had it for 17 years. How come some people are stuck forever, yet very few ever say it's gone completely?

Maybe I just need to face facts and accept its never going away. Really, I'm used to it at this point, honestly. Maybe I'm just butthurt I can't smoke pot anymore. Either way, I do hope it goes away, but I never see anyone who says it went away and never came back. :(

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I personally know two people who had some form of hppd and it completely went away once they gave up drugs. They can even smoke dope and do a bit of mdma here and there, nowadays (though I wouldn't take your chances with the latter).


2 months is way too soon to be worrying about it being here forever though. Take it a step at a time.

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Hey jagermister how did u become the person u used to be? Did u learn to accept it? I'm doing everything that I can to strengthen my mind and distract myself from panic etc. until I can hopefully face it head on.

Thanks jay, I've had it for 6 months and decided to smoke pot which was not wise. So hopefully It goes away but how ca it go away with this anxiety. I gues other than that, I'm gonna have to live with this crippling anxiety:/.

Damn dude I'm sorry that you had to live with this for so long.

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