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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and this is my first time posting in any kind of forum so I'm doing it wrong feel free to let me know. I have done mdma a few times, mushrooms a few times and lsd twice. After my last experience with LSD I started to have panic attacks and experience odd visual anomalies. My Psychiatrist listened to my symptoms and seemed to think they fit the description for HPPD. I don't experience anything when I close my eyes and no fractal patterns, I do occasionally see objects shifting slightly if I really concentrate them, as well as a small shifting shifting of colors, more just the shade or shadows changing than the actual colors changing. I constantly think I see movement out of my periphery although that could simply be anxiety. I was seeing lots of little dots of light in my but that has oddly subsided today. Oddly my problems with objects moving and color shifting went away during a time when I was concerned about afterimages. (Turns out they're normal I just became hyper aware of them). Took Xanax every once in awhile when I would develop panic attacks, that didn't seem to change the visual symptoms. Klonopin did seem to help but my visuals have subsided slightly without it today. I have a couple questions, is the concurrent with most of the symptoms others describe and does it seem mild compared to others experience? I am also curious if the severity of the symptoms has any correlation to chance of recovery. Sorry for being long winded and I appreciate your replies

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It seems milder than most, and I personally think that puts you in a great position for recovery.. Or at the very least, gain the ability to live completely normally with the symptoms. 


Spend the next few months eating healthy foods, staying completely sober (not even caffeine), exercising and generally removing as much stress as possible from your life.


I think you will see an improvement.


All the best, Jay

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Thanks, I should also mention that many of my symptoms, such as the shifting of colors and warping of objects only occur if I focus on them, im not sure what that means exactly but due to my obsessive nature I can't help but focus on them. Also I haven't really found a forum where anybody discusses the actual recovery rate. Any info about that would be super helpful

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