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Ok I need some help

SWIM a 13 year old boy who took 2 hits of acid with previous usage of drugs (weed, lorazepam, painkillers, adderall) and thinks he has hppd Sence droppig acid his grades have dropped and panic attacks and thoughts of going crazy have now occurred SWIM was somewhat relived that other people deal with this and now my questions are

Will this never go away due to SWIMS age?

Is it normal to panic with hddp?

Should SWIM never do acid or any phycadleics again?

What drugs can SWIM still do?

Also I did have a somewhat bad trip due to the ending thinking the trip Wasent ending and I had a panic attack (not enough to call 911)

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Just had to ;) Mo but seriously if you are that young I wouldn't advise any usage of drugs at all! Where are your parents, where do you live? What a distressful society that allow such things to happen.

If you stop using I'm sure that your mental health will get better with time. Psychological illness can be triggered by any stress factor, HPPD is stressful so I'm sure that some experience panic when it starts.

You shouldn't even drink when you are 13.. There's a reason that we got a legislation for this. Try to search for some help or change your life dramatically, it's not suppose to be like this. Try to get clean and focus on your studies and get some professional help. Don't be ashamed of your problems, tell your parents how you feel and talk to your friends about it. No matter how hard it will be or feel like, when you have done it they will try to understand and help you. Good luck and take it easy, your life hasnt even started yet so get these bad thoughts out of your head.

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Everyone here experiences HPPD in their own unique way and as helpful as this site can be it can also be equally as dangerous. You should see a doctor immediately but if you do have hppd I'm sorry to say that the momentum to conduct research into this condition has died. There is zero interest on behalf of the research establishment.

Best of luck

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Stay sober, eat healthy, exercise. See how things go over the next few months, i am sure they will get better.... You are still young and can bounce back.


If you are feeling suicidal though, please reach out to a doctor or support group in your area.

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Stay postive becarefull if a doc priscribe any madication if you have suicidal thoughts buth if they advice benzos wil be safe start always with lowest dose dont try to think about negative thougts ignore them and keep holding that and keep staying active even its hard it wil be easer with time i recomment slowly start with sport and keep pussing within your limits there are so many suffering your not alone your young you have more chance to recover seriusly every does buth how younger how easyer

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