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COMPLETE Remission for Depersonalization

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Hey guys, been away for a while, trying to get shit together and not focus on it so much - but recently I had a trip to a GP I've never been too before, and after telling him what DP was, he said "oh, seroquel works wonders for that" so I started off on Seroquel 50mg IR once a day at night, knocked me the fuck out, I can't remember if the next day or day after, it had completely disappeared and then came happiness, tears ensue etc etc. Just letting you guys know that if you haven't tried it, give it a go, it helps greatly with anxiety also, but now I'm on 150mg XR for my anxiety because it seems to be peeking back through again.

But, nevertheless, my DP is gone.

Kindest Regards,


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Great news to hear that! Keppra did wonders for me. There's also a drug called Naltrexone that seems effective. Seems to be various of ways to treat DP/DR, atleast to lessen it to not be something life-imparing. I wonder why the guys at DPselfhelp hasn't managed to get that help or working medicine. It tell the tales of the what we are suffering from, isn't actually DP/DR but some kind of hallucinogen dissociative state that's stuck from the trip. The trauma did not cause it. When you are tripping you are already completly depersonalized but you don't question it as you are having a good time. So there are definately a lot of questions regarding the DP/DR symptoms when it comes to HPPD.

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Básicamente que se libera poco a poco, por lo que tiene una mayor duración, y los efectos no son tan fuertes.

Como beberse una litrona en 30 segundos, o en 2 horas. xD


es basura la quetiapina, de onda, no la tomen, ami los antipsicoticos me dan un miedo terrible, y lo peor es cuando dejas de tomarlos, te viene un efecto de rebote que estas con todos los sintomas a full


dicen que lo mejor para la DR  y la DP son los antagonista K opiode (imaginate que la salvia es agonsita kopiode, osea, lo ocntrario) como naltrexona, que me gustaria probar pero no consigoo

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