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Can HPPD be induced by natural psychadelics or just man-made?


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My friend thinks that HPPD can only be caused by man-made psychs like acid and research chemicals,


But i got it from shrooms.



Another theory: i took research chemicals 2 months before shrooms and they put me on a bad trip and i got derealization while i was on it. the drug could have planted the seed for derealization in my head  and then the shrooms, 2 months later, put me on a bad trip becuase of the seed planted by research chemicals, so that gave me another bad trip to hell which caused noticable hppd

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I do believe HPPD can be caused by any hallucinogen, both natural and synthetic. BUT some drugs are severely more prone to cause it than others.

When comparing Psilocybin where hallucinations are more of a bi-effect and don't start until you get up to higher doses with a RC such as Bromo-DragonFLY where visuals are severe even at low doses you can safely assume that psychedelics and psychedelics are not alike.

While I can't prove it I believe by logic that psychedelics which are less visually intense should be safer than psychedelics who turns reality into a cartoon, but I dunno.

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