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Closed Eye Visuals

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I wonder if experiencing vivid closed eye visuals (like patterns, objects and stuff) while sober, can be a warning sign for the possiblity of developing further hppd?


I'm not sure if they began before or after I started experimenting with drugs, but I had them way before what I consider the onset of my hppd, and probably before I've taken any psychedelics... They were more vivid when I smoked pot (and for some reason after sex), but they were always there when I closed my eyes and I kinda liked it.


Strangely, I started experiencing a lot less of CEVs since the opened eye visuals of hppd began. And the CEVs vanished completely once I started taking Lamictal, and didn't come back after I stopped taking it, while the hppd symptoms did.


Just curious...


(and by vivid I mean, at the extreme I remember seeing things like chasing a dragonfly through an 8-bit jungle, while I had nothing to do with any kind of drugs or video games for months...)

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Before Keppra I was tripping every night, experiencing astral tunnels, spectacular mathemathic spirals and geometrical patterns in different shapes and colours. It gave me an enjoyable feeling before going to sleep. I also saw my visual snow forming into different animals and insects flying around like you describe. This does rarely happen any more. I miss it a bit but less visuals is the way to go I guess. When I wake up in the mornings and if it's bright in the room and I shut my eyes quickly, I see a spider-web like flash that I really do despise. It reminds me that I'm still having this illness. I would say that CEV:s in a sober state, is a common symptom of HPPD. Are you still on Lamictal and what else did improve while you tried it?

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Actually I was almost completely symptom free while I was on Lamictal 200mg. I've written about it in my introduction quite a while ago, if you'd like to check. I had most of the common symptoms before that (they were somewhat mild I guess), but the worst one for me was seeing trailing after images in red-green-blue when I watched anything on a video projector.

I stopped taking it 5-6 months ago, and most of the symptoms came back but they are much more manageable now that I don't stress about them too much. (not having to deal with projectors at the moment helps too, I guess.)

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Oh really, so you had some great success with Lamictal, there are many reports on that. Maybe I'll try it some day. Wonder if I can combine it with Keppra. But why did you stop? Are the side-effects that negative?

Does it affect your emotions and personality in some kind of way?


Yes they came along with HPPD. I always had a wild imagination where I almost could project images if I wanted to previously but I think that's pretty common. CEV:s is definately a symptom, but I don't find them scary or disabiliting at all so I wouldn't say if you solely suffer from that you got HPPD. I think the criteria is to achieve atleast 3-4 severe symptoms that exists with HPPD for it to be legit according to the DSM-V.


Thanks for sharing your introduction, I haven't read that before. I'm happy for you that Lamictal worked, did it remove the trails permanently?

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I didn't experience much side effects with Lamictal, at least it was a lot more easier on me than all those ssri/snri - antipsychotic combinations I tried before that. The only thing I didn't like about it was that it lowered my alcohol treshold a lot, but I guess not drinking would have been a wiser choice :P and it also interacts with birth control pills, which probably wouldn't be a problem for you :)

I was feeling good and I wanted to see how I'll do without medication I guess. I'll keep going this way for some more time, but might give it another try if I see that I can't manage bipolar disorder without it.

Seems like it didn't remove anything permanently, but that time without hppd symptoms gave me quite a peace of mind that they didn't bother me the way they used to once I started seeing them again...

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I think so. But I also think it's normal like dreaming. I start to have closed eye visual before I'm fully asleep sometimes. Even as a kid. When I started smoking weed I'd see opened eye visual just like my closed eye ones but that went away as I got older and kept smoking. I got good hppd delta 8 thc now 20 years later. So yeah it may be a ln early sign to start clear. Also a lot of dxm and a handfull of dph trips when younger. Lsd, mushrooms. Huffed gas. And much more stupid crap. Pretty sure I had hppd before delta 8 it just wasn't very noticable. 

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