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So plugged some 25c-Nbome. Around 1200 to 1400 ug. Estimated as it was around 1 and a quarter tabs. 1mg per tab.

Had previous use of 25i-Nbome,dxm,weed,meth,coke,ecstasy, crack,nutmeg,heroin,benzos,opiate pills/patches,lots of different psych meds,allylescanine.

Hadnt experienced any signs of hppd until I plugged that nbome. Now my anxiety/depersonalization has increased immensely. I started off with generalized anxiety, social anxiety, agoraphobia, ptsd, depression. That was before my drug use even started. I ended up

But none the less my symptoms include- Random 'blotch' visuals usually in my upper vision(bright yellow and blue), Also halos of anything i stare at more than a second, Sever anxiety, Tinnitus, And these random pin dot visuals of different shades of blue in my direct vision, Also intense after images!

Been like this for about 6 months since plugging the 25c and ending up in the hospital. The dp is god awful. And I can barely function in life and be happy do to the anxiety. Doctors just prescribe anti deppresants and benzos. Which ive found just make it worse when i have to withdrawl from them. Maybe just looking to share my story. But if I can find help Il gladly accept.

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Lol no kidding i stopped taking them three days after starting because I got intense vertigo. But it went away after I stopped the anti depressant meds. Havnt used em in over 5 months since I first started. Havent found a single doctor that wont prescribe anti depressants so fuck it. Ig Im doin this shit solo!

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