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Well I finally got in to see a psychiatrist to attempt to get off this rollercoaster with Lexapro.  I want to try wellbutrin but the doc wanted to address my "anxiety" first (at least that's what I think he was talking about- he was sort of cryptic).  Not sure why as I'm on klonopin....


Anyway he prescribed Buspar.  Wasn't really familiar with it but did some research and it seems pretty benign.  Been on it for three days and it's not unpleasant.  Feels like a wanna-be benzo effect for a couple hours.  Starting on 2 doses a day today. 


Anyone ever been on it?  I figure it might be good to have in my system while I try and start the wellbutrin.  I hear it tends to be pretty "stimulating" at first.



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Tried it, didn't do anything for me... Even my neuro said is was too weak for our condition.


From what I remember, it is very safe though, so keep it up and see if you have a better reaction than i did.

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Thanks Jay-


Yeah I'm getting used to the med now.  Actually had a pretty profound effect on me at first.  I can feel the first dose in the morning for sure.  Feels benzo-ish for a couple hours.  Not sure if it's going to be helpful long term though.

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