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Weed felt like acid?

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I'm undiagnosed but I'm relatively certain I've had mild HPPD for a little over a month now, and it seemed to be improving really quickly, so I smoked about a week ago and had a normal, good time. However, last night I smoked again and had a really bad experience. I couldn't feel my body basically at all, everything was intensely spinning, and I was breathing really heavily. I would have a grounding moment for a split second, and then my vision would warp and get progressively more abstract until I saw nothing but red, blue, and white where shapes used to be. While my friend was driving me home I would see people walking towards our car, when I closed my eyes everything looked like images being presented to me, ect. I know that weed is considered a psychedelic, but this felt like an entirely different drug. Is this just the HPPD mixing really badly with weed, or should I be worried that it was laced? Not to mention that today my usual symptoms were heightened: lasting after images, double vision, halos, snow, and random colors. Thanks

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I agree with Jay and Jagermeister.


Mate, you have to quit while your ahead.


I also tried to dabble in weed and every time I had that 'acid' feeling.  It only gets worse not better and my symptoms would stay worse for weeks to come.


Also with alcohol I was fine the first few times I had it but it only went downhill from there so know I just stay sober.


Birthday, christmas, new year whatever it is is, don't smoke or drink and get onto valium or something similiar for relief but be VERY careful with addiction.  Make sure you have a few days break from it each week or at the most each fortnight.


Stay strong and don't make the mistake of not taking good advice.


You'll be fine :)

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