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I had a strange symptom, anyone would step?


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hi from argentina

my hppd start with a really really really bad trip with my first acid. It wasn't LSD , it was 25x nbome


after it and all the things, i had an stranger symptom: i could not Remember ALL the songs of i knowed

from the anthem of my country until bitsy bitsy spider.

they simply eliminy for my memory. they was real, im tryed force my mind to remember but be imposible


that's all, this can be a clue of the "touched" parts in the brain




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Dont worry, it happens, have the same. Mine is a little diffrent, i cant remember anything. If i try to actively remember something, i get a major headache and freak out, i cant controll my thoughts. And when im having an attack(spike in hppd) my brain overloads or something, i dont know, i just know it fails to make new memories.

First off this scared me a bit, but as with all the symptoms, acceptance is key. I accepted it and just stay in the now, focussing on the moment, and just dont worry.

I know it might suck, but i would advice you the same, atleast for now, i'm in a couple of months now and i've noticed that my memory is recovering, just wait, and keep breathing, that's the basic, and the rest you can look at day by day:)

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