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Will anti depresants work when i use anti psygotics?


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Now i cant live without antipysotics like risperdal when i stop i geth a flasback the hole day en geth extreem unkalm like from the last bad trip i have

The question is did i have develop post traumatic stres disorder ?

Wat i want to do is use anti deprresant to fix this this disorder with venlafaxvine or sertraline wil this work for me when i am also on risperdal because it blocks serontin receptors to or need i anhoter anti psygotic that not block the serotin receptors ?

I like to stop with anti psygotics because it wont heal my and poisioning my brain and living with lower dopamine level make me unhappy

Can sombody help or advice?

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most people with hppd get ill from taking SSRIs... But then, most people get ill from taking anti psychotics too.


Maybe look into Lamictal? It has anti depressant qualities and can help with other aspects of hppd too.

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