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Do somebody have fitness experience?


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Did somebody have fitness experience atleast six monts 5times 1 hour at week that make some diffrence in mood and hppd?

I want to start 5 times at week 1 hour at day want to see the results i start monday and i will report six monts later

My mood dp dr are strongest when i go outside and my hppd is worst when i am inside home

Its been 3 years passed i recover it mayby 40/100 generaly buth dp dr are still the same

I use 3 years risperdal i am littel psygotic and i use 6 monts clonopin

i try a new medicin called deanxit my psycian told me thats repair my brain

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Exercise won't really help your hppd, but will help your mood and maybe other hppd sub symptoms like anxiety and depression.


My workouts generally go:


3/4 times a week,


20 minutes H.I.T cardio (eg, choose a piece of cardio equipment, do 2 minutes at an easy level, then 45 seconds on a hard level, as fast/hard as you can go for every second until you wanna die!.... Then repeat until the 20 minutes is up).


40 minutes intense weights (high weight, low reps). Change the muscle groups each day to make sure you don't overdo that muscle group.


20 minutes core work, combined with yoga type stretches.



If you have the cash, get a personal trainer for the first few sessions. 

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Exercise is good for the health, but if you overstrain yourself you might get a bit increased DP/DR and HPPD for a short period of time, but it doesn't get permanent.

It does improve your mood and confidence, and the gym can be a good place to socialize with people, also.

I train 2 times a week with strength training. I like to build muscles, but I trained a lot more before my health degradation. Now I'm more into building strong and flexible, but not to swelled up musculature.

It's very good to also have condition training, like running, in combination with strength training.

IMO condition is too boring to train though, and I weigh too much by nature, not really made for long runs.. ;-)

You'll find out what you like best, as long as you keep your body in good shape, you'll keep your mind in a better shape also.

Whatever you train, remember to train effective, short workout passes (1 hour maximum).

Lift weights properly, lower weights and do it right rather than yanking up too heavy weights. Train the whole body, large arms combined with aspargus-thin legs is both ridiculous and not of any good use, symmetry equals a better functional body.

If you train condition, don't push yourself too hard at first. Begin with fast walking on the treadmill, and gradually step the duration and intensity up, running in the end.

Also walk around in nature, it's both fresh air, calmness and exercise at once!

Always recover properly, sleep as much as you need, and replenish nutrients in an hour after the workout pass.

IMO the best way to prepare for exercise is a plate of oat-meal porridge 2 hours before the workout, a shake of whey/caseine mix protein supplement directly after, and a full dinner 1-2 hours after. This works particularly well for building muscle mass.

Get a personal trainer from the gym to instruct you on the basics if you can afford it.

There also are some videos on Youtube and even some convenient smartphone apps with instructions on how to train right.

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