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Intolerance for alcohol

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I've used MDMA one time in my life, and since then I've had a big cluster of symptoms, including anxiety, dp/dr, insomnia, depression, mild HPPD (blue dots, floaters, hard to see images on pc/cell phone in 3d). 


I've recovered greatly over the past 11 months, but I seem to have grown intolerant to alcohol. During earlier parts of this condition I don't think I was intolerant, but I stayed away from it because I thought it would be detrimental to my recovery. Now when I drink I just feel physically bad, headache, tenseness in face, spacey feeling, increased DP, etc. I've also noticed some itching appearing here and there, as if I'm having an allergic reaction. 


My question is: Have anybody here had the same symptoms and recovered the ability to drink alcohol?




P.S. I should mention that I became intolerant to lactose about 2-3 months into this condition. I don't expect to recover from that. 

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I tried to drink two times since hppd came to ny live and it was scared. Inmediately, I felt how if all was irreal. So, I don't drink anymore and nor take drugs.

I had do two shots to a little join of hash in 7 months and that did me much anxious and I couldn't breath good, so, the majority of us can't do beers or take drugs again, although while I took knopin, the effects weren't so much negative that wihouth taking a benzo.

My advice is stay away from drugs and alcohol, and take so much care with the dose if you want to try.

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I'm in HPPD since one year, because of large amounts of MDMA took on a short period; which leaded to an intense trip with vivid and real-likes hallucinations for 12 hours (UFOs, fairies, ghosts, dragons, trees alive and a lot of other crazy stuff).


I drank one week-in, and I felt really weird, saw auras around people and HPPD symptoms were worse. I then drank one month later, and I had a flashback of MDMA, I pooped all I had in my body and urinated every 2 minutes. Also panick attacks, I didn't slept this night.


I stopped to drink for 6 months, and restarted 5 months ago... Had no problems since then, just that my tolerance was really low, but I rebuilt it and that's fine.


Next morning I just have a more grainy vision, but it is just because of my tiredness.

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