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Any religious people here?

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I find myself wanting to be closer to God, and there are moments where I felt like I was I dunno.. pretty in there I guess?  But it washes away so easily it's like a reset button and I get lost in brain fog and have to start all over again.  Makes me think things like being close to God is just a state of mind and a bunch of not special things.  I never really developed much of a religious opinion when I was younger and sometimes it just seems like everything I've learned along the way gets lost in translation somewhere, and it's tricky trying to keep track of what comes from where, ya know?  I was just wondering how you all feel about God.


I wasn't really sure where to post this.. community open space maybe?  It's kinda sorta about brain fog..  I'm sorry if this isn't in the proper forum.

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It would help if we had a "Spirituality" section  [ Jay1, can you add that? ]


Religion can be a topic of fighting/bashing.  Odd because it should center around peace, love and respect.  Perhaps people are too insecure to talk about it.  Or because religious abuse, hypocrisy, and disappointed have left scars of bitterness/frustration.  Or the illusion of freedom by breaking traditions.



That said, I'll venture this dangerous topic ...  To begin, have become 'religious' and HPPD ended up strengthening that.  Brain research has also.  Not that weird visual perception issues are enlightening but the crash of dysfunction became a brick wall in the material world.  Life changes and one reflects on how to live with these changes.  After the initial fight to get better, one needs their life to be more than 'recovery'.  Over time the question morphs to, recovery to what?  Something more than the past is needed.


These are some observations:


'Spirituality' is a weird word with dozens of definitions.  The more you read, the more divergent it gets.  To stabilize things, people have a conscience of right and wrong that helps.  But there are other 'universal' beliefs that seem to be based more on fear or greed than anything else - these detract.


A good word to describe 'spirituality' is 'relationship'.


Relationship with self  (Freudian 'Id')

Relationship with others

Relationship with God.


All of these add meaning, purpose, and richness to life.  So it is valid and important to have personal goals, likes and dislikes.  But if that is all we do, we end up hungry for something more.  Even when advancing to friendships and a partner, more is needed.


Relationships always involves the likes and wishes of both parties.  Even the Id stage requires respect of the nature of the real world, i.e. we respect gravity and don't jump off tall buildings.  So freedom is bound.  Laws of the physical world.  Likes/dislikes of those we interact with.


"Blind Faith" is an oxymoron.  Reality is reality and our views need to incorporate and adjust.  Granted, 'reality' is perception built on past learning (past perceptions) ... so this too is a growing process, therefore beliefs need to change and grow.


At this time, it is thought that the physical universe exploded from a singularity.  All the laws that govern existence sprang out.  Even 'time' was created as is seen in E=mc2 and its observed slowing as speed increases - 'time' in not a constant, it is a variable.  It is perhaps valid to define 'time' as the measure of change of 'relationship' between material objects.


Relationship between material objects does not require 'consciousness'.  Consciousness begins with awareness of self, inner dialog.  Then how to interact with the physical world.  Then how to interact with other 'consciousnesses'.  Then .....


If God exist then our relationship would involve two sets of conditions - ours and his.  Anyone who has ever dated would understand that a relationship isn't about just one individual.  A relationship with God would require understanding his wishes and it would also not be repressive of our being human beings.  In spite of many problems, the beauty of life indicates a beauty of its creator.  If it is important to have a relationship with God, they he would provide a way.  But like any relationship, we must work on it.


If God doesn't exist, then the meaning of life is just self generated ... 'Id' is all we need.


Each of us has thoughts, feeling and reflections to share.  Does God exist?  If so, why are there so many problems?  If personal salvation is the most important thing, then why is it delaying?  Why do we exist?  Why were we created?


A 'Spirituality' section might be cool.



On the lighter side, how is Hilo?  Is it about to be hit with a hurricane?  It has been over 2 decades since being there and the whole big island ... miss it.

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I like the way you laid all that out, thanks for the extensive and insightful response.  Also, yes a spirituality section would be cool.  I've never really delved that far into thought about it, I try not to ask myself too many questions and when it comes to God.. sometimes I just want to feel like there's something out there that loves me.  It's just getting myself to that point and moving forward from there that's difficult.  It's almost like a puzzle, gotta put this there so I can put that there, etc.  It seems like the wrong way to go about things sometimes, but there are those things that we have to acknowledge and jump start some electricity into before we can move on because they are things we have to take with us.  It's difficult to really gauge how much anything means to me on any level sometimes, most of the time I just straight up can't.


Hilo's good, I'm sure it misses you too.  It has been rainy as pretty much always.  We just got hit by a hurricane not that long ago but it didn't do too much damage thankfully.  I hope there aren't any more on the way.

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Doubt Hilo remembers me, lol ...  What is that fish you are holding?  (can't see much with a 1 inch square)



Life is a journey and a puzzle.  Pieces come together as you experience it.  Also what one seeks, their goals, and the willingness to consider something different than what we thought.  Sometimes 'eternity' feels too scary to think about but you can always take one bite at a time.  It is also irresistibly pulling, like something in our heart keeps looking.  People can share and assist but the journey is up to each individual.


Lot of people with DP suffer 'existential' issues.  In a way it is ordinary questions but the feelings gets out of control.  Am I real?  Is life real?  What is the purpose of it all? Don't know what to say for those who suffer it heavily ... just hold-on and know that you and everyone is real.  I've never suffered DP that way.


I find it helps to think of God as an individual with goals, feelings, likes and dislikes rather than an impersonal force of nature.  After all, how can one have a relationship or even just feel love from something impersonal, like gravity, magnetism or heat?  Thus the above post.


Kind of freaked when trying to learn about genes, DNA, and SNPs.  It looks so much like the old IBM punch cards for computer programs.  Yet the sheer volume of information is mindblowing ... and it is all interwoven in layers of combinations like compressed ZIP file data.  Have to sit back and breath it is so complicated yet the building blocks so simple.  And that is just all what goes on in each and every cell in the body.  On top of that is how it is all organized and the piece de resistance: consciousness - to be alive and think and feel.  Anyway that is a world I dwell in ...



Your vertigo and datura post is interesting.  Do you take meds or drugs now?

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Been 30 years since eating Ono.  Ate lots of loco moco but never with Spam  :P


Do you do most your fishing east of Hilo?


Never tried fishing but hiked around a lot.  Remember sitting on south point with the wind blasting away.  There is a green sand beach an hours hike east of there.


The waves seemed too rough to go out in the water there.  Is there any fishing there?

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It sounds like you had some good eats.  And I definitely recommend spam loco, if you like spam at least. :)


I spearfish all over the island, I don't really spearfish any one spot more than the others.. one of my favorite parts of it is just getting there.  I shot that particular ono at South Point though, actually.  It's my favorite place to dive, and it's well known for its bluewater spearfishing.  You can swim out from shore and come back in with fish like ono, mahi, ahi, rainbow runners, etc.  You've definitely been to the spot I got that ono at since it's before green sands.  Even when the wind is blowing 50mph the cliffs protect the bay so it makes for a good day of diving no matter the conditions, usually.  It's called broken landing and is very protected from the wind, only have to worry about the occasional swells that make it difficult getting in and out (mostly out lol) of the water.  On the other hand the further down the coast you go in either direction, the water is usually very rough as you've seen.

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I am, developing a relationship with God is the best thing you can do. If you earnestly seek Him out he will reveal himself to you. The best way we can learn about Him is by reading the scriptures, and come to a better understand who He is and what He expects of us. Let me know if you have any questions and I'd be happy to respond.

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I'm not much into reading the scriptures.. I tend to look for things wrong with it.  And these are things written a long time ago.  It's strange looking into what was felt all that time ago to feel it now.  Not that it's any less relevant over time, but it sends a message that Jesus just isn't around anymore, if he ever was.  At the same time I don't believe that we're on our own.  There's just got to be other ways to bridge the gap.  I want to be close to God, but it's impossible to hold on to when you're having to reinvent yourself every time the hppd acts up.  I've heard the songs, I've heard "in deepest waters my faith will stand", et cetera.  I've heard that when you believe that deeply in something it becomes a part of you and no matter what happens, it's not something you have to remember to keep track of, it's just you, "He" is you.  And it makes sense and sounds wonderful and all.  But what about before you reach that point?  You can say He already is a part of me, always has been, and I wouldn't correct you.  But I don't feel like it, I feel like it's a point I have to reach and that once I do there will be less issues connecting and staying connected with Him.  But what's left of the brain fog, visuals, dp dr, keeps me just out of reach.  

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Hey this is a great Topic...


Yes i too have had  a longing for God and Spiritual Illumination.


This immense faith dawned upon me after i was fortunate to have the association of the Greatest Spiritual Master to Come to the Earth in the past 2,500 years / A God Realized Soul who who has complete mastery / Omnisiance over all the scriptures in existance... and has reconciled all seeming contradictions between existing faiths in the world today.


Many deep and profound experiences took place in such association.


I mediatate and pray daily.


I felt that if it was not for HPPD i would have reached my goal of God Realization by now.. I feel as though HPPD is the only thing standing between me and knowing God, as it stops me from complete surrender of the mind, "Ananya" (one pointedness) so its one of many obsticles.  For me suffering can also be seen as a form of Divine Grace as it can bring a person closer to God. So maybe hppd has forced me to look deeper into the Divine realm.


Thanks for shareing.. Would be great to share more with you about this facinating topic.


I feel its natrual for a person to seek happiness, bliss etc and long to know God, as we are the soul.. a fraction of God.. All souls natrually want Unlimited Divine Bliss / God. The soul cannot be satisfied with the transient material things of this world.

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Thanks for shareing bro...

It does not matter to me what faith a person is because GOD is ONE and has the ability to take innurmable forms and will take the form thats dear to the individual. I will commune with God in all failths as i know its only the ONE Father / Mother manifesting thru all of them. Whether is be ,Christ, Krishna, Durga, Buddha or Mohamad. If we realized we are all children of the one father / mother it would bing about peace and mutual understanding.


If you dont believe me..


See for yourself


intro 1


intro 2


Lecture from the Divine Master






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