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hello I account my experience, I have HPPD since March this year, I have 17 years 

I'm from rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina 


I need to start smoking weed at 14 after probe a little coke and do not use more. after that smoke salvia and really had no problem with that, is more, use sage about 4 times with no problems. and after I had a really bad trip with 25x NBOME, I felt as actually disarmed apart and could not reassemble them, hence I went to the hospital and instead of letting the effect happen to me pusiern a serum with antipsychotics, antiepileptics and soothing and enunos 15 minutes and had no more anxiety, but the reality was not in pieces, pieces disappeared and only what had been staying. after that visual symptoms persisted, plotters, CEVS oevs and derealization and depersonalization are currently the only thing that make life very unpleasant 

do not take more "remedies" for some time, not worth it and also when you leave the dr / dp and other symptoms worsen and then smoothed 

I can not smoke weed because I have really visually similar to the one I had on salvia, I mean very randoms visuals 

Only now I have DP / DR unbearable 

visual snow 


tracers and palinopsia 


and drugs in general: 

Memantine: may help in some, very little 

Modafinil: improving wakefulness, but it's really not much help 

Citicoline: nothing 

L-tryptophan: support something really 

Benzodiazepines: after a long time without using them help, but only at that time, and also can not stand the side effects 

Marijuana: actually worsens the visual symptoms, but only for a couple of days 

antipsychotics: not worth it, do not notice difference and kill what little remains of my soul 

antiepileptic drugs: nothing 

Cocaine: the few times I use it only helps me to forget 

Alcohol: moderately helps a little 


I'm watching on a user difenidina I mention a topic, maybe try, after all memantine is an NMDA antagonist, and the truth at this point anything that relieves dr / dp auyudaria me




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