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Will I Ever Be Able To Smoke Weed Again?


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I had to stop smoking weed about six months ago because I started getting drug tested. I was a heavy smoker, and because I couldnt smoke any more I began to drink. After about two or three months of just drinking I began to think about Mushrooms and LSD. I tried LSD a few times and had some intese, but positive experiences on it. On the other hand I tried Mushrooms once and had a very very bad trip. I swore I would never do psychodelics again, so I went back to drinking. Then after one night of heavy drinking and blacking out I woke up feeling like i was tripping, but only sa little. I did not think much of it, so I continued drinking for a few more weeks. I then realized that things were getting worse, and that I might have developed HPPD. It has been three months since I discovered that I had HPPD, and it has been getting slightly better. I drink occationally, but I notice if I drink too much it can affect me. 


Back to my original question... like I said I havent smoked in six months and I probably wont be able to for another six months. I was just wondering if I smoke weed that it might have a very negative effect on me. 


so will I ever be able to smoke weed again?

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None of us here know if one joint will send you straight to hell, so there is no answer to your question. There are people on here who have gone from mild hppd to full blown, life crushing hell from smoking weed. There are others who can smoke weed, just fine.


But on a broader note.... You know what hppd is, you've brushed alongside it, I assume you know just how bad it can get? You are getting better, can you imagine how amazing that must seem to some of us? You are recovering from the early stages of one of the worst illnesses this life has to offer. You've just dodged an aids ridden, cancer sized bullet. Goodbye drugs... fun while it lasted, time to follow the righteous path of sanity and all the joy it brings.

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Jay speaks the truth, and puts it out perfect as usual!


I totally agree with Jay.

Don't risk doing drugs again, it's like playing Russian Roulette with your brain.

You have a MAJOR chance of full recovery within 5 years, if you abstain from further drug use, psychedelics and weed in particular. Try to stop drinking also.

This is according to medical data on HPPD so far..

Both me and Jay have passed this 5 year period, and have a slim to zero chance of recovery now.

Think of your current experiences living with HPPD as a warning of what might come if you don't quit drugs, and a reminder of what these drugs have done to you, why you should get clean from drugs..

Think of being symptom free and continuing your life with some kind of future.

Instead of winding up like me for example, a pill crunching, mentally unstable freak on disability pension close to the poverty line, at the age of 30..

Besides, you have passed 6 months without weed now, at that time the psychological addiction on weed starts to fade quickly..

Good progress, don't start smoking again now that you are so close to the goal, finally getting clean! :-)

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