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Took my open water diver license this summer. It was great. When you are beneath the water everything goes blank in your head and you are just there as a observer to a completely new world. These weird creature looking at you like you are the alien. Also, breathing goes down in to a comfortable pace, like in meditation. Love it.

Too bad i live in the north so its often very cold and dark in the waters but this is really something to explore.

I did lie on the med sheet about my condition and meds, though i dont think they would make any difference but a bored doc could have stopped me.

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I've yet to try scuba diving... but love snorkeling. The water in Portugal has been exceptionally clear this summer... not amazingly rich in sea life (they eat everything that moves!) but it is still a buzz seeing a flat fish or octopus.

Snorkeling in mexico was a blast... sting rays, sea snakes... all kinds of things. The ocean has a way of making me forget about hppd... maybe because it is in constant motion, so I don't fixate on one thing.

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I would really encourage to go Scuba. I have been snorkeling but it is really a different thing. Like looking into a magnifying glass in to the world instead of really visiting it. However, i would recommend this where there is clear water and a reef. Of course you have to travel to do that but as long as the water is clear and a nice seabed its relaxing in itself. If there is a reef nearby it is even more exciting.

I have never felt so peaceful.

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I went snorkeling and diving for 1 yr str8 when I took an early retirement due to hppd lol. All over the Philippines, Malaysia and Southeast Asia. It was the best year of my life. When you're on the coral reefs watching all the rich marine life in colors you can't even describe there's nothing in the world like it. I saw a Whale Shark and swam off scared as hell not knowing they ate plankton lol. That's the life, you even get exercise w/o realizing it. Live it up!! Dam I'm in a good mood just thinking of all those coral reefs now :)

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