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I'm all flu-ey, and it's making my HPPD worse. Medication advice?


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I'm sure a lot of you have been through this, illness seems to make it all spike. Plus I can't distract myself by keeping busy as I feel too shitty to do much. I'm medication free atm and 95% of the time my HPPD isn't an issue any more, but I'm wondering if I should get something for this illness? I'm concerned about taking anything to get rid of it in case it has a knock on effect, I know certain meds can do but I'm not really clued up on which ones are well known for it any more. I'm also thinking if that's not an option maybe some benzos until I feel better?

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You could get away with taking an antihistimine.  But there is no drug treament for common colds or flus, i think ... ? ....   I mean nothing particularly effective.  Fluids, lots of fluids.   




Yeah a benzo you can probably take also.   Klonopin (but i don't think that is readily available in the UK),  maybe Valium!    But just to be careful, talk to a professional.  

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i ended up just taking nothing, i'm still not better though so i may end up having to take some antibiotics it seems like it could be a chest infection D: luckily a friend of mine just happens to have a variety of benzos for sale if that ends up being the case so allll goooooood! thanks guys (:

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I went thru the same thing....the flu made my hppd fuking unbearable. The last thing u want to do is take medication as this will aggravate ur hppd.

What I did was eat plenty of cut up oranges throughout the day...lots of warm water and honey, also add some ginger to the warm water and honey drink and also some garlic.

The flu triggered my asthma and I ended up having to take ventolin....thank god it didn't affect my hppd!! So far it's been the only medication that hasent

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