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Was around someone smoking ice for a couple of hours ...

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The only thing I can think of that has possibly made your symptoms worse is your anxiety to thinking being around the meth has made it worse. I mean if you weren't directly inhaling it or if it wasn't blown all in your face and you were taking huge whiffs of it, it wouldn't do anything. I would say this is directly anxiety related. But we all know anxiety makes symptoms worse and it can either last a day or a month, no telling. My advice is learn your lesson and don't put yourself in that position again. Drop your friends who do drugs is all I can say. Do you want to get better or not? That is the bottom line.

Thank you,


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Hey andrewcb

It actually wasent anxiety related ...because when I drove back I noticed I felt a bit off and the brightness of the lights looked a bit brighter and I cud see the light reflecting off my windows! And I hasn't had that before...also I got that shaky feeling that meth gives you when u actually smoke it and I felt heightened senses and when I got back home I closed my eyes and was having weird visuals and just overall felt very off :(

I drank lots of water and had milk ...starting to feel a but better now but I'm not sure how my vision is unles I go outside again. Lesson learnt!! I am so adamant about not touching drugs, coffee, nothing !! And I thought being around someone doing it cud do no harm and I was wrong :( but yeh all that did feed some anxiety in me also.

I won't do that again !!!!

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Stay away from that evil shit no matter what!!! who!!!! where!!!

When I'm faced with a similar situation i just say " sorry i gotta run " and up and leave. I dont care if its rude or whateve!!! Fuck em! Sometimes i do this when people are drinking also as it makes me feel uncomfortable mostly.

Im with Andrew on this one as well..... Anxiety can extenuate everything!! When I'm feeling anxious my hppd symtoms defiantly increase and my thinking goes haywire.

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