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Will my medication make HPPD permanent?


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Lamictal: helps some with HPPD, doesn't make it worse at least.

Antipsychotics: Infamous for making HPPD worse! Permanently? Possibly.

Since you have them as an extra stabilizer for bipolar, don't quit them without a doctors consideration! Sometimes an

anti-EP such as Keppra or Lamictal is enough for stabilizing bipolar, sometimes not. A friend of mine has psychotic tendencies, and HPPD. He quit all antipsychotics with his doctors consideration, and only uses Keppra now. With great success, no psychosis relapse, HPPD and cognitive improvement.

Stress and poor sleep: The worst for HPPD in a class of it's own! From empirical evidence (myself) it can worsen it temporarily from short periods. Burnouts can permanently worsen HPPD!

Hope this answers your question! :-)

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Lam ictal made my hppd worse ....it was great for slowing down my mind and racing thoughts but it made my visuals worse and when I stopped taking the lamictal it stayed permanently worse.

You just never know ....I wud hate to have a mental illness with hppd coz I know I Wudnt be able to take my meds.

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