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Oke, now i'm really fucked.

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It is my fifth month and this condition was improving a lot, because he was only visual, after leaving dp / dr. 


okay, I started having tinnitus 3 days ago (the only difference is days ago I started eating bananas, lol). my girlfriend recommended I go to the doctor and turns out I have an external infection in the right ear. 


The doctor sent me an antibiotic in otologic drops, Aceoto called, and I've watched my visual symptoms exacerbated, dizziness, vomiting, brain fog larger than a clown shoe  ... 


Anyone has been the same? 


I think that tinnitus is not related to the infection, but I credit my doctor because I have pus inside, so I have to continue the antibiotic to prevent infection worse. I wish the tinnitus is caused by this damn infection, but having HPPD ... only God knows. 


Writing this to warn people of Aceoto, of composition; ciprofloxacin, lactic acid, polyvinylpyrrolidone, glucose, propylene glycol, methylparaben, propylparaben, purified water.

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I just read that ciprofloxacin tinnitus began another user of this forum .... oke now if I'm screwed, but really fucked 


you would still taking the antibiotic? hablariais with the doctor to change to another? and if the other is worse? 


I have to take some antibiotic for ear infection, I think that should be treated ... 


really the advice I give to people who just come to HPPD to fight from day 1, because if you only have visual, anxiety and depression just fuck this shit and more can be worse. How am I going to improve with HPPD? people think. Well imagine the same but with a fucking HPPD ringing in your head.

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I would stop taking the antibiotic immediately and explain to the doctor what is going on. People have been known to get HPPD from antibiotics / it worsening their condition. It is already worsening things for you.



do you think there is a medicament to cure infection that hasnt been antibiotic?

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Do your homework, but I can recommend a few things. I recently did some work experience at a hospital and patients whom presented (urine) infection were advised to take probiotics alongside meds. The idea here is that you promote good bacteria which will help fight off the bad bacteria. Cranberry supplements were also recommended, but this might only be exclusive to urine infection. Other than that, eat super healthy, get lots of antioxidants in your diet and exercise. Green tea is a great antioxidant. Type 'antioxidants infection' in Google and read studies. Stay hydrated-to be really cautious for your immune system, you could buy bottle water but drink it from a glass. You must ask your doctor what to do if you choose to stop the antibiotics though.

Keep us posted!

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thanks you guys!!


I called my doctor, and I commented something about my situation, but it sounded like Chinese, because she said that reaction was because of my infection and not by antibiotics, but of course she does not know I have this pain makes weeks and have never felt that, so it's certainly exacerbates HPPD antibiotic.


Yesterday, I felt as a pennis, visual were unbearable, huge tinnitus, feeling fever (but I haven't it really, only feeling), and I wanted to kill myself (im joking). Today visuals are as usual, but more pronunciated, more visible trails, more afterimages, but I hope that they will decrease with aceoto removed.


I called my medical


I feel my weak body. pain in arms, legs, chest ... but I suspect it must be of a sedentary lifestyle since I'm in this shit. I think I'm going to start getting up early and walk on the beach every day should help.


Thanks you, really, and I will post about the side effects of that antibiotic in my hppd ;)


PD: Jay, where is the pain in his ear? is accompanied by tinnitus? I hope it's mild, to be treated without antibiotics (no infection) and you are healthy quickly. have you thought about asking medical treatment without antibiotics?

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