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Driving with hppd...

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Fuking hell I just got back from a long ass drive ....it was so fuking dangerous with hppd!! I will never again drive that far away from my home...long roads are a nightmare and I can barely judge the distance between my car and someone else's!

Thank god I made it home without crashing! Does anyone else have this problem??

Has anyone lost there licence coz of hppd??

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iknow wha you are saying, i have had this too, although i must say its getting better in time. First i drove only 3 miles now its sometimes 20 miles. Pre-hppd i had DR/DP too, but drove 100miles its still dangerous though. I dont drive when people go to work or go from work. Keep it as save as possible.

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Originally I was too nervous to drive at all, then I was able to collect myself and drive anxiety free.


Towards the first few months I was having issues with the "Alice in Wonderland Effect" or whatever that "micropsia" shit is, objects looked smaller or further away than they were.

It was difficult determining just how far away a car was.

I also would just give myself serious anxiety over everything, which is never good to have while driving.


All of this has pretty much diminished and I never notice it anymore, the only time I do is when I trick myself into thinking that it's happening.  Like a placebo effect.


So it started off really terribly, like fucking terribly, and now it's gotten so, so much better.


Hope this helps.

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Just a tip. Do not turn right even if you think the right lane is clear but there's someone in the left lane. Chances are that car is really in the right lane so just wait until there's no traffic coming from the left. That's the only time I have issues and I can't say I haven't almost pulled out in front of someone because of my slight lack of depth perception in those instances.

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