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Confused and Scared

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Okay I'll start off by saying I have only done LSD a total of 3 times. 1 1/2 tabs the first, then 2, then 4. I have also done drugs a better part of my life including Heroin, Rock, Weed, MDMA, pills like Kpins, xanax, percs ETC. Ive never had an issue with any drug nor any addiction. Thats a little background.


Now lets start the night I had the 4 tabs. I was with 3 friends who were all one acid, we tripped about 7 hours and then we all assumed we were coming down. All the visuals started to fade and I started to become alert of time and felt like I was coming down. So after everyone started to feel the come down we decided to smoke a blunt. I started to get really high and out of no where I started to feel the effects of the LSD again. But it was different then the first 7 hours. When I was initially tripping I had a lot of visual effects but I was still aware of my surroundings and could depict a house or stop sign or other objects around me. After I smoked this blunt if I kept my eyes still my entire vision of the room would fade and I would literally only see a vision of spinning geometric shapes. It was an entirely different world. It was a vast emptiness of just spinning geometric shapes. When I would move my eyes around things would go kinda back to normal. I started to panic at the time because I was the only one experiencing this and my first thought was I fried my brain, After about two hours of this horrible trip I feel asleep and woke up fine. Thinking it was just a bad trip due to the drug still being in my body I thought nothing of it afterwards. 


Flash forward about a month and a half later. (Last night) I was smoking a few blunts with some friends we were hotboxing his bathroom and we had a strobe light. I was really high and the strobe hit my eyes and all of a sudden the same type of trip happened again. The whole room faded away and I was in this vast emptiness which I couldnt even see the real world anymore. It only lasted about 30 seconds and then once the visuals stopped I still had vision impairment like when I originally came down form the drug (Where I could see everything but it had that fuzzy look and my body felt uneasy) Needless to say with my anxiety issues already and issue I started to have a panic attack and had to be driven home.


I am very scared because Idk whats going on. Is it a flash back due to the weed or maybe even a seizure due to the strobe?! I don't have any medical history with seizures just anxiety and depression. If you have any idea of whats happening if it is HPPD or anything of that natural I could sure use some advice. I kinda ranted on in this but I just wanted to give a full look into whats going on. PLEASE HELP :('



Also if you could tell me the best steps of actually getting a diagnosis of whats wrong. Go to the hospital? A primary care doc? What are the best steps. 

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VinnyJ, my short answer is this: take it easy with the blunts, dawg!  Marijuana (and other strands) is a known, well-researched psycho-stimulant, and can induce "flashbacks."  I'd give your brain a break, (seriously) eat more veggies, maybe take some 5HTP, drink enough water, exercise a lil more...just take it easy! And maybe take a break before puffing the magic dragon again.


GL  :)

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My first question is, do you experience any weird or abnormal hallucinogenic shit when you're sober?


Also, yes, weed does tend to exacerbate or bring out psychedelic effects.

Those 4 tabs of LSD may have been enough for you to now have problems with smoking weed.


I would lay off the blunts, man,

More than likely this will fade over time, although it may be a year or longer.


I would give your brain a chance to recollect itself.

There is no reason to jeopardize yourself, just lay off the drugs and you should be fine ^.^


Also, if you're not having issues while you're sober, I would not obsess over taking certain supplements or medicine or anything to fix this, let it happen naturally.  This is just my opinion and experience though.

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I'm so sorry to hear that...that sounds like a flashback to me although I'm not rlly a hppd expert but it's just wat I gathered after reading ur story.

I would stay away from all hallucinogenic type drugs...in fact it's possible all types of drugs cud set that flashback off. Can you go clean for 3-6 months and take lots of brain supplements etc that's what I would do

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