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same dp/dr?


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Something I have been wondering, do you think we suffer from the same kind of dissociation as people with dp/dr not caused by drugs?

Judging by the many descriptions I've read, I'd say likely very similar yeah. I think the main difference is ours probably more visually distorted...

Furthermore, it is the general idea that chronic anxiety causes dp/dr in most cases, do you guys think this is the same for us or do you think our dissociation is more of a direct effect of the causes of hppd?

I think it's a combo of things. You know, not everyone with anxiety goes into dp/dr, and not eveyone who takes a hallucinogen does either. For me I think it was the drug's direct effect, which is over-stimulation, also combined with stress, which could also be considered over-stimulation.

You overstimulate certain nerves, they shut down. And they don't just turn back on after the stimulation is gone, they need the right environment and time to do so. I read some people say they're confused when they don't feel stressed yet still are dissociated. Well, there doesn't have to be some underlying stress to keep it going, it's just that there's physical changes that can take a lot of time to rewire.

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