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Please help !?!


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So I gotta get my wisdom teeth pulled out soon and I'm scared that the Gereral anesthetic will make my symtoms worse.?

I'm considering having the operation done under a local anesthetic if possible, but I have been told its pretty full on.

Has any one experienced this situation?

I'm really scared to be honest....

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I would just be entirely open, though if you don't have the time to thoroughly explain, or feel as though the dentist wouldn't be understanding, give a general reason; state that you have (insert problem here) and that you have seen other doctors for it and it is very real, and you have looked at clinical literature with establishes without a doubt that there is some potential anesthetics will exacerbate your problems, and you'd rather avoid an increase in your symptoms at all costs. Although many people, even highly trained physicians, are doubtful of HPPD, they typically respect your wishes and if you go in there speaking logically and coherently they'll undoubtedly listen. 

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