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"electric" flashing squiggly lines... any clinical term for them?

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since I've gotten worse, I've acquired a new symptom, eerily similar to what I've previously experienced on Iboga.
I see these flashes of very thin blueish/grey lines travel rapidly across my keyboard sometimes, somewhat resembling a roster of sorts.
Despite running across the outline of the keys, it feels/looks as if it is happening in close proximity to my eye.

Anyhow, I wanted to look further in to this and why cocaine use may have initiated this new symptom, and compare to Iboga, as it is quite annoying.
Would appreciate if anyone could remind me of the clinical term of these distortions, that is if there is any :)\


edit: They are not floaters or tracers.
edit2; though I case they resemble tracers in a way. Why do visual distortion descriptions always sounds like "It has a certain Je ne sais quoi"?

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Hey sorry can't answer your question but Iboga! Why did you do it? I heard it is real good for opiate addiction. Did you do a complete flush? Seen some people on it on T.V. once did not look fun at all, you got some balls lol. If you have a link to your experience please share!


And cocaine can fuck up a lot of your symptoms but you already know this so stay away from it! Lol I do have to say I have been clean from everything for over 2 months and nothing has gotten better but last night I decided to drink just 4 beers while at my brothers, that decision has so far screwed today up feeling wacked out! My point is stay away from that crap even if you aren't feeling better at least you aren't feeling worse.




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