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Piracetam Trial.


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Hello World!



So i got piracetam today from my doc in the netherlands. I got 1200MG a day, i dont know how it is going to work so i m  a bit nervous. I mainly have trouble with my cognitive behaviour and depression. Also I do have DP/DR VS and CEV's, after 19 months from the intoxication from too much MDMA, the VS is getting less, which is nice.


Dont know what to report now, but i'll keep you updated.



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I notice more "fun" in myself. Like i have more joyfull toughts, also i need less klonopin, which is very nice. 

Sometimes noises can destract me from what i am doing and want to quit, now this seems better.. Sometimes when i am in a busy restaurant or something i hear all people talk trough each other, i have had several times i needed to walk away because i thought i was going CRAZY. Now with piracetam, the sounds around me dont come in soo freaking loud. Which is nice!


The CEV's are still there but better managable, its not a magic medication, but its helping a bit! Now only the damn DP/DR !



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Hello hppd33! Seven days ago I began keppra, it worked out very good for dp/dr which were so severe that made me see world not 2d like many suferrers claim but somehow multidimensional. One pcp hit with combination of 30-35 2c-I snow. And that diminished greatly, by all means, only visual snow doesn't allow to read properly without strong eye tension.

And well, two days ago I started taking piracetam in combination with alpha gpc, vinpocetine, picamilon and the progress is observed already, my visual snow decreased for 15%, cognitive abilities for sure 60-80%( due to Cevs I wasn't focused even to see my father's face, completely blown away). Starbursting, when the picture flickers as there is a straboscope has gone away. Trails are better as well, so as ghosting.

One more strange thing i have noticed is that with the carbs and gluten removed from diet everything gets much better.

Keppra x2 500 mg

Piracetam x3 800 mg

Vinpocetine x3 5mg

Picamilon x2 50mg

Alpha gpc x1 450mg

Don't see many side effects, except the small hypomania during 2 first keppra days, swat hands tiredness sometimes and tolerable insomnia. However after 11-12 hours of daily sleep I consider it a bliss.

So I will go on on this scheme and give an update soon.

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So as of today I quit Piracetam. I got a real bad flash-back and the feeling i was on MDMA, everything became too intense and the DP/DR was going trough the roof. Too scarey. 

Luckily i had klonopin, otherwise i called an ambulance. 



Probably i am going to ask for another SSRi or SNRi? what do you guys advise?

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