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Has anyone discussed visual symptoms with Optician?

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So I got drunk a few nights back and my visuals have got worse. Yay.


Mainly random flashes of light, like shooting stars that catch my attention. And lots of black wormy things at night. My full colour after images are starting to suck too.


I also have about 3 black floaters (little dots) and another floater that's weird. It's like a mini see through ripple. Like a little bit of gel or something. Can't describe it but it floats like a floater but it's not black.


Also last few days I've been finding it harder to read on the computer. My eyes just don't want to focus. I can make teh vision sharp again if I try but my brain won't do this automatically any more!


My oh my what have I done to myself! Haha.


Booked into the opticians anyway to see what they say and would also like a good examine of my eyes, see if they see anything wrong... 





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Does your vision go blurry when you are on the computer? Mine do this constantly, I can even force it to happen by focusing my eyes real had so it happens on command. Do you get any migraines by any chance?  I get eye floaters and blurry vision constantly and my optometrist says it isn't my eyes but can be due to my migraines.

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My optician(went once) who focuses on vision therapy thinks its due to poor eye muscles. She did a test that no other optician has performed before in my life. I think it had to do with testing my ability to focus.


WIth hppd, i noticed that my eyes rather be focused far away then close up. Obviously with a computer screen, the focus is closer up hence it can go blurry quite a bit.

I dont know if its the same thing as focusing far away but it feels like i have to consciously converge the two images to one in my brain. 


In some aspects, the weak eye muscle theory makes sense since a few of the symptoms can be manipulated as well as improvements noticed by a few people who has used spectrum glasses. Even the vestibular system could have a role within DP/DR. 


She said vision therapy for a year will fix it but it costs 4000$ so im still giving hppd a little bit more time to see if it heals on its own. I've already wasted about $5000+ in this shitty disorder. Mainly on the initial tests hoping that its something else and holistic approaches in curing it. 

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