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lil help pls guys :P


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i have minor symptoms of hppd, my symptoms aren't as terribly bad however i fear they will become worse due to friends and their influence on my life, i feel as if i have accepted my symptoms but my question to you is does it get better with time? i feel as if i stopped everything now i could still have a normal life in years to come my symptoms were decreasing until i took mushrooms again, the constant cannabis use from my friends always around me 24/7 is my main concern it seems to effect me much worse than anything elce, something so beautiful is stopping me from doing the things i love with the people i love, would be nice to get a reply from someone don't know anyone elce with these symptoms


or any techniques in dealing with my friendship group? i feel as if i cannot stop smoking cannabis even though i have reached the point that i no longer want too but due to my friends of the last 3 years i cant give them up too can i?

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Hey Dante, I felt the exact same way u feel like it's a piece of u and them together in a harmonious setting evaporating right before ur eyes. Unfortunately it doesn't work for u no more. Its a hard mother fucker to swallow because of the unity between u and ur friends in the moment. Just make ur stand and don't be insecure about it ur SANITY is worth it (trust) and if they are real friends they will understand there is nothing to be ashamed about. Then when u make ur stand and maintain it u will feel ur self actualization. My H.P.P.D. is like pressing the hyperspace bottom where u don't want to be so stop the stimulators now before its to late. It's not a game and I guarantee anyone one on here who has a severe case of this disorder would give anything to be at the stage where u are at. Trust.

Make the right choice..

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