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Memory, weed, and hppd

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Hey everybody Im new to all of this despite having hppd for about 15 years. And was asking about nootropics and if anyone has had any success with them over in the introduction section of this site and wanted to share a little of whats going on with me. I quit smoking weed about a week ago mostly because my short term memory has gotten so ridiculous. Not remembering what I just said has become so embarrassing and frustrating that I'm willing to give up the happiness and calming sensational that I got from weed. 3 years ago I found myself without any support group whatsoever and turned to weed after going a decade or so without smoking (Im a young 34 year old lol). I was just like F it, this is a better way to go through life. High and unaware, and not caring about things and issues I have.. But I cant hide behind doping myself up anymore. I know I was in a way better place mentally before I started smoking everyday for the past 3 years. I wanna get back to that, and hopefully gain some of my short term memory back and hopefully all around memory to improve. As well as my confidence and self worth, which somehow weed seemed to improve in the beginning. Anyway Ive read a lot about some of the things you guys are trying out to improve this stupid condition that we have from just being kids and trying LSD a couple times, or whatever YOUR story is, and I wanna thank you all for sharing. I will look into all of the info and suggestions and let you guys know how thing are going. Thanks again and keep your heads up!

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Memory games are the funnest having smoked the gonja to the point where I too became a walking zombie.. well it started to lose its charm when your minds stuck in 1st gear, foggy hazed thoughts.. im sure you know and its a slow process and like you said lol once you go that far into the rabbit hole your like f~~` it life sucks blah blah blah smoke till I choke n croke attitude but you can't simply abuse the good old 'escape' button on life too much you are of course connected to your body.. soooner or later and have to wake up. I've started actively playing games like Free Cell or Mahjong Tales games that test your ability to memorize sequences or cards and put them in order help you to organize your life and like weed it'll take time to notice any difference but can and will be built upon weed is like a slow mental decay and well what will help you is similiar to like building a house.. it takes time and theres so many aspects to take in and you can't just say screw it and live in a tent .. you can but after a while the tent just doesn't cut it. Eating healthy helps going to bed at a schedule helps maintining a job you can actually care about or give a shit about helps a lot staying physical ect and it does seem overwhelming but if you were like me you probably want a better reality you can get stuck in weed land if you allow it.

Pushing your mind learn new things maybe try out rosetta stone and learn a new langauge anything that gives you that feeling and you know your mind is really working hard is the best help for your mind yadi yadi

mileage may vary so take the best route suited to your vechile~body~mind

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People definitely tend to invest more faith in nootropic/pharmaceutical treatments than is realistic - it's easy to hope that swallowing a pill in the morning will fix all your issues because there's hardly any effort involved, hah. It's a good place to start, though. Perhaps it'll be a launching pad for the more exhausting stuff (exercise, memory training, etc.) Before pumping yourself full of nootropics make sure all the normal dietary requirements are met (eat well and get some fish oil, b-complex, multivitamin; the usual).


You hear a lot about Bacopa Monnieri for memory improvement. Unfortunately it gives me nasty brain fog but other people rave about it. Probably best that you search for a "memory stack" or something similar on longecity.org, though. And this is far and away the best resource for mood-improving nootropic ventures: http://www.longecity.org/forum/topic/54028-treating-anxiety-safely-effectively/


Best of luck man. Also, do your own research, I'm an 18-year-old who struggles to practice what he preaches and gets most of his knowledge from lurking the Internet into the wee hours (and a bunch of the other folks here are pretty similar :P) so I'm the first to admit I mightn't be the most reliable source.

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