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Video Games + HPPD


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A lot of things can make hppd 'act up'. But that doesn't mean you should avoid those things.. Only avoid things that could make it worse, like more trips. If I avoided all the things which aggravate my hppd, I'd probably never get out of bed.... Oh well, we don't have a choice but to push through it at times...

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A psychiatrist I saw believed flashing, fast moving visual stimuli would exacerbate visual impairment associated with HPPD. Translation: yes. I think it makes sense. One's brain becomes accustomed to whatever environment it is around, so as to better predict what might happen around it. So if you are around shit that is flying past you constantly and flashing lights and explosions... when you go into a silent room, like to sleep, it makes sense to me that hppd would be flared up.

As for the distraction aspect, I stayed alive while I had hppd alot by playing videogames, they were such a great escape. If I hadn't had my one friend left, and we playing call of duty or borderlands or diablo or whatever, I don't know if I'd be here.

So I suppose you have to weigh the upside and downside. Downside is it might flare up visual distortions. Upside, is it's a stress reliever. Wish I knew more about physiology to know more about this connection. I have a book from a clinical psychology class that I need to crack back open and actually learn (they don't make you learn much in college).

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