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Help me gauge my situation please!


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Hey guys, I just  discovered this forum after I realized I have HPPD and I really would like your opinions on some things. Here is the whole story, sorry if its a tad long but I want to give all the details so you guys can give me a relevant response. 


So, about 2 and a half months ago I tripped LSD with my friend. This was my second time doing it, and I haven't done/don't do any drugs other than smoking weed. This trip was a lot more powerful than the first, but it was fun and crazy, with a lot of open eye visuals and closed as well. A few days after the trip I consciously noticed that something was different with my vision. I was getting graininess in the dark and looking at black, just like noise on a digital camera sensor. That was my immediate comparison because I shoot a lot of photos and it looked exactly like a sensor creating visual noise in low light environments. 2 weeks after I started noticing a decrease in my vision, at first minor but by 4 weeks it was definitely worse. At this point I got glasses, and I can see fine now, so thats not really a big deal. Besides my visual noise I also have floaters when I look at the sky, definitely more than what I remember pre - second trip, and also sometimes a slight aura or halo around lights in the dark, and incoming car headlights bother me a bit more than before.


So overall my symptoms seem to be a bit more than mild. The visual noise I tend to notice in dark environments and when looking at my computer screen a lot ( I code) it seems to not be an even color, but nothing is moving around. Its just...different. After the second LSD trip and my notice of HPPD I have continued to smoke weed, every other day or every day. After reading on the internet for 2 hours today on the topic I decided to ask you guys what you think I should do next, and can my symptoms improve? Oh and I have noticed that while im high the visual snow is a bit worse.

Basically, A) Do you think I fucked myself by continuing to smoke? B ) If I stop all marijuana use can I start to see a recovery over time? C) What is your experience with smoking and HPPD, and also quitting smoking and HPPD improvements?

I would really appreciate ANY feedback, as this is quite a weird subject with not that much concrete information. After all the reading I have done, I am thankful that my symptoms are not as bad as other people are reporting, and I am not feeling depressed, anxious, or detached from reality, but I still do notice it sometimes and it is annoying and almost a tad depressing.


Thanks for any help in advance guys!

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Yeah if you quit smoking you should be fine. Definitely quit psychedelics as well. Over time you should see improvements. Its possible you will need more than a month though.


Yeah i'm already prepared for it to take longer than that. And I am definitely staying away from psychedelics, they are cool drugs but its not worth the risk to me just to have some fun trips, even though they can be enlightening. I already got a crazy perception of what life is as I know it last time so i'm satisfied with my spiritual knowledge

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